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Total Body Workout to Stay Healthy – 30 Minutes Twice a Week!

How can someone do a total body workout to stay healthy with strength training in just 30 minutes twice a week? This high level of efficiency of exercise to stay healthy was unknown to me. I need to maintain a high level of weight training. It is going to be very interesting to learn how this can actually work.

It all starts with an exercise technique called “slow burning.” This technique for staying healthy with a full-body workout involves the detailed science of slowly lifting weights.

o Each weightlifting game consists of a minimum of 3 sets (complete reps) and no more than 6 sets.
o Take 7 real seconds (count one thousand one, one thousand two, etc.) to raise the weight and 7 more seconds to lower it. This is a game.
o Keep the movement constant and smooth without stops or starts.
o Moving the weight or resistance the first inch should take 2-3 seconds. Never jerk your weight to start. You don’t want to involve any momentum to help your muscle.

If you can only do less than 3 reps, the weight is too heavy or the resistance is too strong. Also, if you can do more than 6 reps, increase the weight by 2-5 percent, not pounds. You want to keep the magnifications very small.

A set of 3-6 reps performed correctly should take no less than 60 seconds and no more than 90 seconds. More or less time means that you are moving too fast or slow or that the weight is too light or too heavy.

To get a complete full-body workout, you should perform 6 to 12 different exercises in each session. For example, if you average 75 seconds per set with 10 sets, this will take 750 seconds or 12 minutes. This would leave you approximately 18 minutes more than your half hour. If you rest 1 minute between each of the 10 sets, you still have a cushion of about 8 minutes.

The most important key to success in your quest for a total body workout is that you must exercise with enough intensity to exhaust your muscle on the last rep. A very important detail about exhausting your muscle is that once you can’t move it another inch, it’s crucial to keep trying to lift the weight for another 2-3 seconds.

As your muscle burns more, don’t give up just yet. You can actually squeeze out another rep or partial rep, or at least completely exhaust that muscle just by holding that position for those few more seconds. The purpose of this complete muscle depletion is to activate the fat burning master switch in your body, which will continue to burn for several days.

The other reason is that you want to let your body rest for 2-4 days before doing it again. By depleting your muscle, it will take your body 2 to 4 days to rebuild your muscle stronger than ever.

This is why this technique is so much better than normal weight lifting for a full body workout. It is much safer and injuries are much less likely, you burn more fat and your muscles will become stronger or stronger than normal weight lifting.

When you finish a set, slowly lower the weight; do not drop it abruptly.

If you feel pain, you must stop. A muscle burning sensation is good and is not considered pain. Do your next exercise when you feel ready. Always use the perfect shape. Don’t move your body to help lift the weight. Because you are doing these exercises very slowly and you will be breathing properly, it is unlikely that you will become excessively out of breath during any of these exercises.

You will want to work your entire body as a whole in each session. Do not break the body into parts, working legs one day and arms another. Alternate upper and lower body workouts such as push-ups followed by squats, etc.

Make sure to check with your doctor before starting, drink half your body weight in ounces of clean water, get about 8 hours of sleep each night, and properly eat 4-5 small, balanced meals every day. You shouldn’t exercise more than twice a week with this technique and you have your total body workout.

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