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Uniformity Vs Conformity: How To Encourage Creativity And Dress For Success

Schools or vocational institutes are the place to learn and get an education where students spend a significant part of their day. Therefore, it is important that they feel comfortable and happy to remain productive, creative and full of energy for the entire duration.

A student can perform at their best when the vibrations emanating from the school environment are uplifting and inspiring. For that, it is desirable to train students to make their own decisions, encourage them to follow their hearts, and encourage them to treasure their dreams.

For that to happen, students must be allowed to choose their own appeal, which can help them stay comfortable in class and achieve high-performance performance on the playground. Of course, one can question the dress sense of young students, especially young children, tweens, and teens.

Furthermore, school authorities are often dumbfounded by the flurry of rebellion reflected on the young students’ clothing. However, these can be limited by issuing a strict restriction on some types of clothing that students must refrain from wearing.

Some of the positive attributes of encouraging students to choose their own attractiveness are:

Focus on comfort and utility

Each student in a school is different and unique in their own way. While one may be the studious type, another may be the athletic type, another may be the creative type. They have different requirements depending on the activities that everyone performs in a day’s work. The studious guy is more than happy to stay in the classroom all day and spend his lunch break in the library. For him, a neat collared T-shirt or shirt along with a pair of chinos will be fine. However, the athlete may require something durable and sporty throughout the day.

Economy and value for money

Parents should consider the comfort and hygiene of their children. Therefore, buying five to six sets of uniforms would be an expensive affair for middle-class parents who already spend a lot of their hard-earned money on their children’s education. In addition, it will put an undue workload on parents to take care of the clothes, considering that the children wear uniforms for school and informal at night. Parents will end up spending a lot on their children’s wardrobe if the school uniform is mandatory.

Expression of individuality

Children often dress to express themselves rather than to impress. When children have the option of choosing their own dress, then they find an outlet to affirm their own individuality through its attractions. However, if the option is blocked, some children can take a dangerous route to express their individuality and stand out. They may turn to drama, criticism, unpleasant attention seeking behaviors, and even substance abuse in the belief that these will set them apart from the rest and help them create their own identities.

Allow students to manage their time effectively

Allowing students to choose their own attractiveness helps them save the time they would have spent dressing for school and changing for classes, recreational activities, or the outdoors. When a school does not enforce a dress code, it saves time for students and teachers who would otherwise be involved in uniform policing.

Reduces the chances of violence and vandalism on the school campus

The mandatory use of the uniform on the school campus does not prevent intruders from entering. On the contrary, it increases the chances of intruders breaking into the school campus without authorization and perpetrating violent and criminal activities, since all they need to do is buy a similar pair of the school uniform and enter the campus without raising suspicions. In many cases of violence within school premises, perpetrators have been found to do just that.


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