Say “Problem” out loud ten times. How you feel?

Say “Chance” out loud ten times. How you feel?

When I say “Problem” it seems that there is no solution. It’s heavy, depressing, dark.

When I say “Opportunity” it feels exciting. It is full of possibilities, growth and light.

Everybody has problems. They come when they don’t need to happen. They come when you have a flat tire. They come when your ATM card is declined. They come in various other ways as well. However, each of these can turn from a problem into a challenge or opportunity. For example, if you’re broke, you don’t know where your money will come from. If you believe that there is not enough money to help you, then this limiting belief will limit your access to money. I think there is actually more than enough money to help everyone.

The key empowerment in turning a problem into an opportunity lies in thinking outside the box. You have to suspend your limiting belief that there is no solution. Once you do, it will be obvious what to do. If you stay inside the box, you will only put on your blinders and miss your opportunities. You may need a friend to help you at first, because the longer you’ve been in a box, the harder it is to look out of it. You have to go to your spirit, to your heart, and tell “God” (or the Universe, or whatever you think): “There has to be something I’m not seeing here.”

There are always more options than initially appears, and opportunities come when limiting beliefs are overcome. This can be an emotional process; it is important to allow emotions to arise and breathe through them without judgment. By being proactive, you can make significant changes in your daily life.

Once you realize you have other options, you go from having a problem to having a challenge. These challenges become opportunities. Opportunities will come to you. No matter what you have to start with, they will come, believe me.

My opportunities often present themselves in unexpected ways. For example, I was waiting in the wrong line at the wrong location at a Department of Motor Vehicles office when I met Marvelous Michele, a woman who is now a key part of my mentoring team.

Everything has a reason to happen. Be proactive and ask someone to give you an objective opinion on what other options you have. Feel empowered by letting go of limiting beliefs and stay alert to notice the opportunities that are sure to come.

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