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Three Reasons Why Press Release Distribution Is Essential to a Blockchain Project

Press Release Distribution Is Essential to a Blockchain Project

The success of a blockchain project depends on proper marketing. To achieve that goal, an established project should hire a professional blockchain marketing agency. Alternatively, a blockchain project that is just getting started can use press release distribution services to improve brand visibility and reputation online. Here are the top three reasons why distributing press releases is essential to a blockchain project’s success. After all, a press release can help a company reach a wider audience and generate more exposure than a traditional press release would.

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KISS PR Brand Story is a marketing agency that helps blockchain and crypto companies achieve huge brand awareness. It provides affordable PR campaigns for blockchain, DeFi, NFT, and crypto companies. The company’s team has over 50,000 stories published for its clients and is expanding its reach to include the growing blockchain market. Interested in learning more about the services that KISS PR provides? Don’t delay! Read on to discover how they can help your business reach its goals.

With NewswireNEXT, blockchain companies can ensure their press releases are indexed by leading search engines, boosting brand visibility and bringing in a steady stream of new online traffic. This unique distribution approach has become the preferred blockchain marketing tool for ICO startups and can help your Blockchain project gain media attention. The service also ensures the quickest distribution of news stories to key publications. There are more than 100 press release distribution services, so choose one that works best for your company.

Three Reasons Why Press Release Distribution Is Essential to a Blockchain Project

A press release should be well written and properly formatted. It should include all essential information about your project, such as a link to its website or whitepaper. Once you have finished writing your release, it is time to submit it to a press release distribution service. The press release will be distributed to key media outlets and financial sites across the globe. Once your release is accepted, you can expect a high rate of traffic to your project website and whitepaper.

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive press release distribution service, InvestorWire is the perfect choice for your PR needs. Their next-generation syndication service offers thousands of downstream partners and more than 100,000 journalists across North America. You can select any of three packages, starting at $300. Each package includes SEO enhancements and industry-specific services. And don’t forget to check the quality of content on each distribution site. It’s also best to check whether the media contact list contains incorrect information.

Other press release distribution services can target journalists according to their interests or industry. While you don’t have much control over which journalists you target, you can use the industry-specific email lists provided by Presswire. Presswire also offers intelligence reports that evaluate the accuracy and the presentation of press releases. These reports are particularly helpful in improving the press release itself. If you’re working with a fast-paced industry, this service may be ideal for you.


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