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This is the best way to record PS3 games

Recording PlayStation 3 video games is on the mind of many PS3 gamers! It’s something that comes up a lot as many PS3 owners want to burn their game discs, but aren’t sure how to go about it. In today’s guide we are going to go over precisely how you can mirror PS3 games.

As you can imagine, we’re doing this article as a way of teaching gamers how to burn the games they already own, and we’re generally not telling people to burn discs they don’t already own. However, it is generally legal to burn what you already own to protect it against damage or loss. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing a PS3 game because it accidentally gets scratched.

We’ll see! If you want to back up PS3 games, you’ll need to use a computer program designed to record games. These are not the same type of computer software you use to copy a music CD. Many people have tried using regular CD ripping software only to find that they wasted a blank disc.

The reason common CD ripping programs can’t burn video games is because the discs have copyright protection. These protectors prevent your computer from reading the information on the game disc, which means that your computer cannot record the game.

Fortunately, there are now computer programs using cutting-edge technology that can outwit these guards. Specific video game mirroring applications allow your computer to read the game data and make a backup copy of the PS3 game. You need to install it on your computer system, and then you can backup a PlayStation 3 disc whenever you want.

Fortunately they are not difficult to use. You launch the video game, allow your computer system to make an image of the data on your hard drive, then throw in a blank DVD disc for the data to move to. In the end you have an exact backup of the original game. It should take approximately twenty-five to thirty minutes to finish depending on your computer.

You can buy a highly rated program for less than the price of a single game. You shouldn’t have to pay more than fifty dollars. A top program will also provide you with a money back promise so you can be sure that you can get your money back if there are any problems.

Copying PlayStation 3 games is a brilliant method of protecting your games and a tool that every PS3 owner should have available. Any gamer who owns a PlayStation 3 can benefit from this type of software to protect their games.


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