Where I come from, we have a saying that “vehicles do not go for dowry negotiations.” In other words, the dowry negotiations are not a show. Your vehicle can break down and embarrass you in front of your in-laws. Who wants a friend to let you down during that special occasion? In any case, life is not easy. As you know and I know, a car is not 100 percent reliable, as it can break down even on the most important occasion. However, breakdowns can be minimized or completely avoided if you make the right decision from the start. The car to hire will depend on the destination and purpose. Is it for leisure, family, business, transportation or doing

Advantages of car rental:

Car rental is also known as car rental or renting a car is the best option if you want to visit various destinations in Kenya. Unlike organized safaris, where routes and times are fixed, it allows a high degree of flexibility and therefore discovery. Likewise, car rental implies a greater degree of privacy, security and independence. Unlike group safaris that bring together people of diverse interests and backgrounds, car rental means that your interests are not distracted.

Rental car in Nairobi.

The car to hire will depend on the destination and purpose. Is it for leisure, family, business, transportation or just want to replace your breakdown? If you are traveling inland, a RAV4 will handle most of the roads. However, if you are thinking of northern Kenya, beyond the archer’s post and Rumuruti, get a giant -Land-cruiser not a Prado SUV but a real one. Make sure to get some new tires too. However, if you attend a business meeting, you can get an impressive hall. If you are taking your pet out on a sunny day or at the beach, you can purchase a convertible. For transportation, there are small and large tracks, including clearing and forwarding companies.

What are your car rental options?

There are generally four rental options available to you. Without driver, with driver, 4×4, unlimited mileage and one-way rental. The option to choose will depend on your preferences and prevailing conditions. If you feel uncomfortable when someone else is behind the wheel, then go it alone. Autonomous driving is also recommended when a higher degree of privacy is needed. On the other hand, those who need more time to enjoy the scenery and relax are better off with a driver option. A local driver is also difficult when he is not familiar with local customs, languages, etc. In my opinion, a local driver is not only a valuable source of information, but is also your security guard. He is your local arts performer, thus contributing to the overall experience. A major advantage of using a driver is that at most you are only required to fuel the car. Any incidental expense that increases to the rented vehicle is the responsibility of the company.

Special car rental:

Security car rental is an item that is entering the market for a select few. Celebrity and valuables transport is a different category altogether. For these two, you not only need special equipment (armored vehicles), but you may also require security escorts and qualified chauffeur services. A good example is the elaborate assurance that was sought when taking the world cup on a world tour. This category of car rental is available through special arrangements, as it requires armed guards in some cases.

How to rent your car:

Purpose, purpose, and purpose again. Why do you need the car? This should always be on your mind. Once you decide this, the first step is to go shopping. The car rental market in Kenya is vast. International companies such as Herz, Budget, Europcar are represented in Nairobi and Mombasa. Whether to go locally or use multinationals is your own choice. But always keep in mind that at the end of the day, the budget and continuity elements will come into play. Do your research and narrow down your options to two or a maximum of three agencies and send them inquiries. Ask what’s included in your rental options. Look at the fuel issue. Who is going to fuel the car? Here are two options. A car rental company can leave the responsibility of refueling to the renter or, alternatively, they can do it for you. The best option is, of course, for the car rental company to bring the car with a full tank and you return it with a full tank. Alternatively, they can bring the car empty and also return it empty. If you let the car rental company pay for the fuel for you, you will end up paying a large amount of premium. Please note that if you decide to rent an empty car and return it empty, you will not be able to claim any fuel on the car at the end of the rental. Filling up your car at car rental workshops can also be expensive for you. A better option is to buy enough to get you to the public gas station. In addition to the fuel problem, continuity is a major problem. How will the company react in the event of a breakdown?

Adventure and discovery:

In addition to fuel, the mileage option should be of concern to you. Car rental is adventure and discovery. Remember that you are renting a car to be free from mobility restrictions. Personally, I will go for unlimited mileage at any time. This option does not restrict you to a particular radius. It may sound expensive, but for adventurers, it’s cheap in the long run. Even if you want to stay within a specific radius, just search for unlimited mileage. Nairobi’s city center may seem restrictive, but an hour’s drive takes you to vast expanses of open space and sought-after breathing space.

Car rental agreements differ from company to company. The normal procedure is to search for inclusions and exclusions. Take into account the compulsory insurance coverages and the extras or recommended coverages. Some decks will include the passengers and leave the driver. In this case, you will need personal insurance coverage. Local insurance companies will be happy to offer you monthly travel coverage. AAR will offer travelers evacuation coverage in case they need emergency medical care.

On the day of the rental, be sure to inspect the car that was delivered to you to avoid paying for major damage repairs before your rental. Some multinational companies have been accused of charging multiple unsuspecting guests for the same damage. Don’t fall for this trick. Check the body for teeth. Any defects should be noted. Check the threads on the tires and make sure they are not worn. Remember that you are responsible for any tire breakage.

Rental points:

Upon arrival in Nairobi, you can rent a car at the airport. One option is to contact your travel agent to have a car waiting for you.

Those going on safari are better off with a car rental option included with insurance, driver’s allowance, fuel, and park entrance fees. That way the guests will sit back and enjoy themselves without discomfort. However, if you are familiar with the country, you can go on a self-drive safari. However, it is always good to have company.

Insurance: most cars will come with mandatory third party insurance. However, some companies will have full covers. Ask your insurance carrier what they are offering.


In Kenya, the rule of the road remains to the left. At the roundabout, people coming from the right have freedom of passage. Nairobi can be a nightmare for even the most experienced driver, but if you stay calm, you will arrive at your destination in one piece and in peace. Simply put, yield even when you don’t have to. The public transportation driver, also called the Matatu driver, can be very courteous and rude at the same time. He’ll intimidate you into giving in, but when things aren’t going his way, he’s the first to give in. A small downpour is likely to turn Nairobi into a city of Jam. My best advice at such times is to just relax in your office and wait for the craziness to subside.

Car rental:

If you’re staying for a short time or your business doesn’t need to worry about routine maintenance and disposal, just opt ​​for leasing. However, be careful about the agreement you enter into. Some companies may sell you a car through the back door on behalf of the lease.

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