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How to Submit and Add Blockchain Press Release For Free

Submit and Add Blockchain Press Release For Free

Before you start writing your blockchain press release, you should consider the following things. A press release should be short and well-written, and it should provide all the essential information about your project, such as a link to your website and whitepaper. Then, submit it to a distribution service. You can contact KISS PR for help in preparing your press release and getting it published on different websites. We hope this article has been helpful in helping you write your press release.

If you are a blockchain company and want to make an impact in the blockchain community, publishing a press release is one of the best ways to do that. Several blockchain news media, such as CCN, have been publishing press releases since 2015.

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Another option for writing your press release is CoinScribbles. It allows you to post a press release for free on their website, but you must provide an email address to verify your account. Afterwards, you can submit the press release for free at CoinScribbles. The free service requires a valid email address, but it will help you write a compelling press release. The free service will send you a link to create your press release.

How to Submit and Add Blockchain Press Release For Free

A good press release must be backed up by reputable third-party data. This information can be from unbiased research or government reports. It will make your press release stand out from the rest. It should also include a website address. By using Google news-approved press release sites, you can submit your blockchain press release for free on the internet. Just make sure to follow the guidelines of the publication and use an email address in your press release to receive feedback.

If you’re worried about the cost of using a free press release service, consider the option of sending your press release directly to journalists. While fee-charging platforms provide immense reach, they are expensive and have no guarantees. In any case, using a free press release submission service will increase your chances of getting coverage. This method is also the most effective and cheapest way to get media coverage for your blockchain project.

For free blockchain press release distribution, you can also try Cryptovest, a popular tier-two media outlet that covers the latest events in the digital asset industry. NewsBTC is another popular platform for blockchain press releases. The press release on NullTx (formerly TheMerkle) gains traction due to its email subscriber base. Coinspeaker is an altcoin-related blog that publishes press releases from startups. They are also helpful for promotional token sales.


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