Play the US Powerball Lottery

The US Powerball lottery is a popular draw lottery that has a jackpot that is often one of the largest in the world. To win this jackpot, you need to match all five numbers from 1 to 69, plus the Powerball. The Powerball is not a bonus ball, but it is just as important as the other numbers on your ticket. The Powerball can be any of the numbers from one to 26. The other five main numbers are chosen at random by the machine. Matching all six numbers will win you the jackpot, but there are other winning combinations that can be equally lucrative.

Powerball lottery results are posted on the USA Mega Millions and US Powerball websites, and most places that sell tickets for Powerball will also post the most recent draws. You can also play the US Powerball lottery online by using a scanned copy of a US Powerball ticket.


Powerball draws are held three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. The deadline to purchase tickets is 59 minutes before each drawing, so it’s crucial that you buy your ticket in time. Tickets that are purchased after the drawing will only be good for the next drawing.

How to Play the US Powerball Lottery

In order to increase your chances of winning, you can add a Power Play option to your tickets. This multiplier will double your prize if you match all five main numbers plus the Powerball number. Power Play also increases your chances of winning the big jackpot by a factor of ten times the amount of the first prize. You can also add the Power Play option to your ticket if you purchase it online.

In October 2015, the Powerball rules changed. No longer will there be a minimum jackpot increase for this lottery. This lottery draws two times a week at 10:59 PM Eastern Time. You must stamp your POWERBALL(c) Jackpot play slip in order to play for the jackpot. This means that if you do not match the six numbers in a row, you will not be eligible to win the jackpot.

One lucky person recently won a million-dollar prize in the US Powerball lottery by using an online lottery messenger service. She was watching her son play hockey when the draw took place, and then checked the numbers later that night. She later flew to New Jersey to claim her prize. The Powerball lottery is one of the largest in the world, and it is well worth your time.

When you buy a Powerball ticket, you can choose between a paper playslip and a digital myPlayslip. You can also use the Quick Pick option, which allows you to select random numbers. Multi-Draw is another option that allows you to choose multiple drawings with the same numbers. You can also mark the number of consecutive draws on your playslip.

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