It’s so easy to get caught up in the holiday season, but you really have to be realistic about how you spend clothes this time of year. Don’t be fooled by the buy-it-now-pay-it-later options, as you could find that you still owe money for Christmas gifts in the spring of the following year. Too many people fear that those on their gift list won’t be happy with a gift that doesn’t have a high dollar value attached to it.

There are many ways to prepare for holiday expenses early in the year. Find out if your bank has a Christmas Club enabled. This will allow you to contribute a fixed amount of money to the fund each month. That way, you’ll have it saved and available when you’re ready to start your holiday season. As little as $30 a month can give you over $300 for your holiday shopping.

You can also keep an eye out for great deals on holiday gifts throughout the year. My daughter loves dolls and I pick them up when I see them on sale. My kids really like video games and I often find them on sale too. You’ll also find many other items on sale, including housewares, jewelry, and clothing. Keep an eye out for closing stores and even post-Christmas sales for great deals.

There may be people on your list who really want something special for Christmas. If your goal is to make them happy by providing it, try to get the best price. Look at the ads in the newspapers, go to the deals on offer and take a look online. You can find significant savings on that particular item just because of where you end up buying it.

With a little planning and saving, you can avoid using your credit cards for holiday shopping. This is important because you will not have to pay interest on the items you have purchased. You’ll also have those credit cards available in case some kind of emergency situation arises in the future.

It also helps if you’re trying to narrow down your holiday shopping list. It can be difficult to buy for a large family or your circle of friends. Try to resolve that you will not give them gifts and they will not give you anything. You can draw names when it comes to nieces and nephews. Chances are the whole family will really like the idea of ​​this as it will save them money too. Talk to your friends and make a pact not to buy Christmas gifts for others.

If money is a serious issue for you this holiday season, you may want to skip gift shopping. Instead, you can get the supplies you need to make them. Visit a local craft store for some great ideas. You can also get a supply of baking supplies and then hand out festive trays of holiday treats. Volunteer your time to help with things as well by making certificates on their computer that they can redeem later.

You can control your vacation spending by taking some time to think about it. You’ll find that vacations are also more enjoyable because you’re not stressed about the cost of vacations. Keep in mind that your friends and family don’t expect you to buy them something you really can’t afford. They are more interested in their personal relationship with you than any gift you give them.

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