Unless you’ve been blessed by the gods, chances are, at least at one point in your life, you’ve been left wondering if a girl really likes you. There is a part of you that thinks so, but another part that is convincing you that it is not. Basically, you are the victim of mixed signals. Don’t worry or feel bad, all the men have been there.

Now sometimes it’s painfully obvious when a woman doesn’t like you. She tells you that she doesn’t, that she doesn’t give you the time of day, and unless you’re really rude, you never interact with her. Take it as a direct and clear message. Again, don’t feel bad, but be grateful that you have a clear and definitive answer.

Most of the time, however, women are not that direct. Why? Because despite what Hollywood movies lead us to believe, most women are good people and will give you time of day and be nice to you. When this happens, you need to be able to determine if she’s just being nice or if she’s really giving you go signals, especially when she seems to be saying no, but something tells you that she would really like to say yes. . How will you find these marching signs? Simple, look her in the eye. Why? Because the eyes don’t lie.

Many women choose to be vague about their feelings in order to maintain a certain level of control over the situation. This could be the case with this woman. So she’s doing things in such a way that it leaves you guessing. However, as mentioned above, eyes don’t lie, and if you know what clues to look for, you will be able to reveal your true feelings.

1) Maintain eye contact

This is always your first clue. Women won’t do this unless they are interested in you. So if you can hold her gaze for a long time, chances are she’s sizing you up and trying to message you.

2) Looking left

When someone looks to the left, it often means that they are building an image in their head. This could mean that you are about to say something that is not entirely true. If what comes out of your mouth is “I’m not sure if I should have another drink.” then you probably really want another one.

3) not looking at you directly

Like looking to the left, not being able to look directly at you is another sign that you might be less sincere. It is difficult to lie directly to someone, especially someone you just met. So this could be a sign that you are not completely sure what you are saying.

4) looking at your lips

Spending time looking at your lips while talking to you is another subliminal message that he likes you. Women don’t look at men’s lips unless they’re thinking of kissing them, so this is a very good sign!

Although the eyes do not lie, you should not criticize a woman for what she is doing because that could ruin what you are trying to achieve. Remember, women like to feel like they are in control, and in a way that’s how they play the game. Don’t screw it up.

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