There are no iPhone screen protectors on the market right now that are more reasonably priced than CrazyonDigital 3 Anti Glare iPhone 4 Screen Protector. It is priced almost 75% cheaper compared to other brands. But what’s the point of buying a cheap accessory if it won’t work effectively? Fortunately, that problem will never be found with this product.

CrazyonDigital Anti-Glare Screen Cover 3 is specifically designed for Apple iPhone 4. It reduces glare under strong light sources, especially when used in bright sunlight. People cannot avoid the sun when they are outdoors. It is better to be prepared when this incident happens and there is no better way to prevent it than to use a screen cover.

However, the main reason to install the iPhone 4 screen protector is to prevent scratches, smudges, and scratches. This is the main reason why the value of devices depreciates significantly. It is only practical to fit an LCD protector as this will preserve the life and value of your device. Even the smallest fingerprint affects the quality of the screen; CrazyonDigital will help eliminate that worry and makes it even easier to clean your screen by simply wiping it down (preferably with a microfiber cloth).

This ultra-thin film screen does not affect your iPhone’s touch screen interface at all. There is no need to worry about how loud you can give the phone. It’s very skinny; you won’t even notice it. The installation procedure is very easy to follow. Unlike other screen protectors, it doesn’t leave behind messy adhesives.

This item is available online for just $4.49 (55% off its retail price).

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