Bengal gram-1 cup
Broken Jaggery Cup-2
Shredded coconut- ½ cup
Ghee- 1 tablespoon
dried grapes-10
Cardamom powder – 1 tsp.

Method: Soak Bengal gram for 2-3 hours. Grind it more or less. Steam it (boil it) in an idli pot and grate it. In a heavy bottomed saucepan (like a copper bottomed saucepan) add jaggery with water to make it curl like Paagu. Now add the grated gram, some ghee, grated coconut and mix well on the flame. When it reaches a non-sticky state add cashews, dried grapes and cardamom powder. This is a very traditional sweet for Diwali, especially in India. It can be prepared with red gram as well. It will be nice from 1 week to 10 days.

Note: Filter the brown sugar water at first before it reaches the string stage.

Sweet Potato Ham:

Sweet potatoes -1/2 kg
Milk-8 cups
Sugar-2 cups
Goa milk-1/2 kg
Dried grapes-50gms
Cashews -50gms
Maida-4 teaspoon

For frying oil or required amount of ghee.

Preparation: Cook the sweet potatoes. Crush it and add milk goa, sugar, a little milk and cardamom powder. Milk in a thick kadai and heat until thick. Add the sweet potatoes mixed with the milk paste into the kadai. Turn off the heat and remove the dough. After cooling, roll the dough into balls and fry in oil or butter. Soak the hams in the remaining milk. Store it in the fridge and serve it with grated cashews and dried grapes. It is the cheapest and tastiest candy.

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