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Will yoga help relieve back pain? Part 2

It is often emphasized that yoga has an additional spiritual context and is more than just an exercise regimen. Doing yoga exercises, which include meditation and other relaxation methods, can significantly relieve stress, as well as bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the person. Most yoga advocates agree that twenty minutes of meditation would be comparable to eight hours of sleep.

Those who suffer from back pain will be happy to tell you that faithfully practicing the art of yoga goes a long way in relieving pain. Exercises such as strengthening, stretching, and toning go a long way in greatly reducing back pain. As those who suffer from this debilitating condition learn more about their bodies, they will discover that stress plays a major role in increasing back pain. Faithfully following the principles of yoga will allow for a more holistic healing process, which should do more than simply eradicate back or neck pain.

The philosophy behind yoga emphasizes that you should move in a way that doesn’t strain or put too much force on the body. Yoga should be a meditative form of exercise and therapy, which should be practiced in such a way as to harmonize all aspects, including mind, body and soul, and although it may seem difficult to follow at first, constant practice should help him perfect the Art.

As you continue to learn about the centuries-old yoga system, you’ll find that the different postures and exercises will give you a better understanding of your body’s alignment. Because we often spend most of the day sitting at a desk, working on a computer, and spending only minimal time exercising, our muscles and joints become weak and don’t function properly.

Regular yoga exercises should help refresh, realign, and strengthen our muscles and joints, improve our posture, bring our body back into balance, and generally ease the pain of back pain. With a little effort, you’ll find that doing some regular stretching and meditating will go a long way toward eliminating the rigors of back pain.

If we come from the heart in our practice, rather than the ego, the results will be more life-enhancing. Our ego encourages us to keep going, even though it’s okay at first, then our ego pushes us further. And if we don’t control our ego we can end up in more pain because we are working too hard! By staying ‘in the flow with the divine’ we will achieve more on a deeper level.


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