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When to Put Chemicals in Hot Tubs

Chemicals in Hot Tubs

Knowing when to put chemicals in your hot tub is essential to the health of your tub. When putting chemicals into your spa, always make sure you follow the directions on the label. Always use a mask and rubber gloves when working with chemicals. You should also wait a half hour or more before testing the water and adding the chemicals.

The first thing you should do is test the pH level of your water. You want to have a pH level between 7.4 and 7.6. You will also need to measure the alkalinity level. If the alkalinity level is below this level, it will cause your water to be too acidic. You can use an alkalinity increaser to bring the pH level up.

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Another option for sanitizing your water is bromine. This chemical works by destroying bacteria at a high temperature. Bromine costs less than chlorine and is a great alternative for hot tub chemicals. It will also kill bacteria faster than chlorine. This chemical has a lower pH level than chlorine, so it should help keep your water balanced.

When to Put Chemicals in Hot Tubs

Chlorine is another option for sanitation, but this one is less effective. It will need to be added more frequently, and it won’t dissolve as easily. It will also accumulate over time, so you must test it often. Bromine tablets can be added directly to your hot tub, or you can use a dispensing device. However, remember to remove the tablets when you’re finished using them.

When to put chemicals in hot tubs depends on how often you use the tub. You should shock the water at least once a week, or more often if it’s heavily used. Once the water is sanitized, it should smell good. To keep your hot tub running smoothly, it’s best to follow the easy instructions on Hot Tub Chemistry.

The purpose of adding chemicals to your hot tub is to regulate the pH level and kill bacteria. You may also choose to add a filter cleaner or a total alkalinity product. Adding chemicals to your hot tub will not only increase your maintenance requirements, but it will also add to your hot tub’s running costs. However, these chemicals are essential for the overall health and safety of your hot tub.

While there are different kinds of sanitizers, chlorine is the most common one used for sanitising hot tub water. Chlorine also offers several advantages over other sanitisers. Chlorine also has a noticeable odour. So, it’s best to read the label before using chlorine.

It’s important to replace the water frequently in your hot tub because the chemistry of the water will become unbalanced and difficult to balance. Therefore, it’s recommended to empty and re-fill the tub every three months. Doing so will also help you flush the pipes and pumps, and freshen the equipment.


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