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What’s new: next-generation condoms

The Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation is more than willing to grant $ 100,000 for the development of a next-generation condom that enhances and / or preserves natural pleasure. The goal of this grant is to improve condom use and promote safe sex.

Nowadays, society has become sexually active and therefore there is a need for people to have adequate knowledge about different methods of birth control, especially those that belong to the category of teenagers. There are many cheap condoms available on the market. It is even possible to buy condoms online if you are not comfortable physically buying condoms from stores.

More than 15 billion condoms are produced each year, from latex to polyurethane condoms, which hold various promises of pleasurable sensations. An estimated 750 million people use condoms, but there are still some who do not know how to use it correctly and others who do not use it regularly.

Using a condom prevents unwanted pregnancy, the spread of infections, and sexually transmitted diseases. The purpose of the research is to make a condom that can be considered not only for its durability but also for being able to leave pleasant sensations in the body. Condoms are among the best forms of birth control bought by people regardless of their age. Therefore, they are also considered the most convenient form of contraception.

Some people think that pleasure is reduced when using condoms. With emotions on the rise and within seconds of having sex, there are those who forget to act responsibly and end up not using them at all. With next-generation condoms, the goal is for people to want to use them not just for health reasons, but because they can actually add spice to both partners’ sex lives.

The program is open to both men and women. The attribute that is verified in the next generation condom is one that can increase ease of use, as well as one that overcomes cultural barriers. For those looking to come up with an idea, they should have a testable hypothesis, as well as a detailed associated plan on how to test and validate their idea. Additionally, you must produce unambitious and interpretable data. The cost of the finished product must be affordable and within the budget of the health authorities. Also, condoms should not be undermined in terms of being a contraceptive tool that also prevents HIV infections.


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