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A 14-digit number known as the person code is an important piece of information about a UAE employee. It is stored in the MOHRE’s online database and can be accessed by the employer and employee for many purposes. Essentially, this number acts as an electronic identity document and eliminates the need for physical documents, which can be grounds for abuse of legal rights. Additionally, the person code can be used to look up a person’s passport details, as well as the company in which the individual works.

The UAE’s new labor law has been passed by Cabinet Resolution No. 1 of 2022, and while it doesn’t give employers all the answers they were looking for, it does provide a great deal of detail. The law will also allow for the issuance of new work permits by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. The new law also includes a new category of work permit known as the self-employed work permit, which will enable individuals to work legally without the sponsorship of a company.


The UAE labour law expressly refers to unfair dismissal as a form of retaliation and is a legal basis for a compensation claim. As long as a formal complaint has been filed, a termination will be deemed arbitrary and the MOL will review the case. The employee may also request a review of their employment conditions by an arbitration officer. There are many benefits to the employee’s remuneration, and the benefits of a job well-done are worth the investment.

What is Person Code in Ministry of Labour UAE?

The labor card is an essential identity proof for expatriates in the UAE. The ministry of labour website makes it simple to access your labor card details. In case you’ve lost it, you can even apply for a new one online. Once you’ve applied, you’ll be able to access your labor card details through the website or through the mobile app. It’s simple, fast, and secure.

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The MOHRE website and Mohre mobile application work similarly, but there are a few differences in the guidelines. The process of checking your labour contract online is easy and can be done in the comfort of your home or office. To save paper, you may wish to print out your contract so that you have a physical copy of the contract when you move to the UAE. The UAE’s labour contract is an important document and should be kept safe.

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A person code is a fourteen-digit personal number that is unique to each individual. You can find the person code in the Ministry of Labour website by logging in. There’s a short form that you need to fill out before completing the application form. Make sure you provide the right information about the worker, including the person code. Then, you can select whether or not you are a worker and how long the contract lasts.

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