So, you got an email that one of your products received an Amazon Choice badge. What is it? How can it help your business? This article will give you a detailed definition of this feature.

What is Amazon’s Choice?

Amazon’s Choice is a feature that helps people save time and effort when searching for common, everyday items. Initially intended for Alexa-enabled devices like the Amazon Echo and Echo dot, this feature has now paved its way to the Amazon website and app.

The Amazon’s Choice badge is an award given to selected products that meet certain criteria. The criteria are a closely guarded secret; however, judging by the products that received the badge, the highly rated and well-priced products with Prime Shipping are the ones that are generally selected.

Choice of Amazon vs. Best Sellers

Amazon’s Choice is primarily a suggestion for customers purchasing a product for a specific inquiry for the first time. So if you’ve been looking for a seat cover for your pet for the first time, this would be at the top of the list. When you first asked Alexa for a car seat cover, Alexa will suggest products with the badge first.

This will not affect repeat purchases from customers, as what they bought before would still be what Alexa suggests.

Top sellers, on the other hand, are ranked by the product’s sales volume (taking historical data into account), relative to other products in the category. Ranking is based on sales, not reviews or ratings. So unlike Amazon’s Choice, some top sellers may have low review ratings.

How do we get the Amazon Choice Badge?

To receive this recognition, the seller must have an Amazon Prime, have received positive customer reviews and provide excellent service (mainly focused on fast delivery). These factors may or may not be the reason products are chosen, as we know that the reason a product is chosen is a closely guarded secret, but it doesn’t hurt if you try to improve on these criteria.

The badge cannot be purchased as an advertisement would, nor can it be suggested. There is no way to suggest your product to Amazon to make it eligible.


Amazon wants to make it as easy as possible for customers to find products that meet their needs. It makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for faster and much easier than before. Thanks to Alexa, buying a product for the first time is as easy as ordering it from Alexa.

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