Carbon Cleaning Machine

A carbon cleaning machine is a portable unit that runs on distilled water and electrolysis to produce Hydrogen and Oxygen gas. The HHO gas is fed into the engine via the air intake/breather hose or the air box and acts to remove carbon deposits from inside the engine, as well as preventing many of the problems that can develop from this build up such as clogging of filters, EGR valves, turbos, swirl flaps etc.

There are a number of different ways that carbon cleaning machine can be removed from an engine, each method has its own benefits and the results can vary widely from person to person. Some people find it gives their car a little bit of a boost, whilst others may not see any change at all.

The process works by removing the carbon deposits from your vehicle’s fuel injectors, which in turn restores the correct operation of these devices and prevents further damage from occurring in the future. By preventing carbon build up from occurring in the first place, it also helps to ensure that your engine stays healthy and continues to function at its optimum level for longer, helping you to avoid expensive servicing costs.

What is a Carbon Cleaning Machine?

ATS Carbon Clean is an effective and safe carbon cleaning solution that removes carbon build up from your diesel or petrol engine. Using no harsh chemicals the treatment helps to return your engine to a state of cleanliness, restoring power and performance, reducing emissions and returning lost MPG.

It is suitable for most cars, dpf cleaning machine trucks, vans and buses and can even be used on farm and plant machinery. It is extremely easy to use – simply plug the machine in to the 12v of your engine, then connect the hose to the air intake/breather hose on your vehicle and start the carbon clean cycle!

Your vehicle will take between 20-60 minutes to complete the carbon cleaning cycle depending on the size of your engine. This is usually enough to restore a small amount of BHP back to your vehicle and should give you a noticeable increase in performance.

You will also notice that your car is more responsive to throttle input, idling speeds and sat idle performance as the carbon is removed from the fuel injectors and other parts. It will also help you to get the best possible mileage from your vehicle and reduce your fuel bill as the fuel is injected more efficiently into the engine.

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