The concept of Advertising 4.0 was not invented by me, but it is the reality of intelligent advertising on the Internet. It is a system made up of creators, publishers, audience groups, and regulatory agencies.

I was dedicated to creating and delivering Internet advertising 10 years ago. The first was creating advertising for Google. You may have heard of AdWords, which are Google advertising words, not slogans.

At that time, our clients came from Europe and America, mainly Internet users. The creative of the company’s brand advertising words was a combination of three words, such as “cheap, fast and safe.” Now that you look at these three words, you may think it came from express delivery companies. In fact, they come from online games and virtual services.

What’s the difference in AdWords between online games and express companies? In fact, it is the same. Later, when I saw JD’s AdWords, I found that they also applied this model, such as “faster, better, and less.”

Either “cheap, fast and safe” or “fast, better and less”, these are adjectives. In fact, I discovered that there are not many brands that use adjectives to be AdWords. Why? Later I found out that most brands prefer to use nouns, due to new brands or companies.

Now you can understand why they like it because they want to emphasize on Who I am. As a new brand, it is very important to tell those potential customers who I am and not how I did it. This phenomenon is called Advertising 1.0.

When I found out that most brands use the noun type of advertising words, I started counting the verbal type of advertising words, it is not really common. I thought we are game brands, we should use the AdWords verb type frequently, but we don’t. You know why?

I read many books on Advertising, I still have not found the reason, because there is no one investigating in the world. At last, I have to back up my work and try to figure out how I can write a headline and improve the email open rate.

I test the nouns, verbs or adjectives as initials of the titles, I find that the open rate from highest to lowest is that adjectives, verbs and nouns, and the highest is that the ideas that I shared.

Later, when I learned what the life cycle of a brand is, I seemed to find the answer. From 1.0 to 4.0, it is a process of growth of new products and brands. This is a subtle change between them, just like the growth of a child from birth to young age, and then gradually maturing, until it becomes old.

When you are a child you always present yourself to others that you are who you are, when you are able to do something you began to show your power to others, one day you made a great effect you have personal influence, and when you are an Elder, you often have many stories to share with us, so I named this progress Advertising 1.0 to 4.0.

That is why so many advertising type nouns are used frequently, due to new branding and new life. So my Advertising 4.0 includes 1) what is it, 2) what can you do, 3) how did you do it, and 4) what are you going to share?

So much for today, I’ll share some questions about Advertising 4.0 next time.

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