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Weddings in the Free State or Provinces of Mpumalanga

The Free State offers the traveler many dams and nature reserves, as well as interesting historical monuments and museums for those interested in discovering and learning more about the Anglo Boer War, as well as the former South African presidency.

Golden Gate Highlands, one of South Africa’s many national parks, is a worthwhile attraction offering unspoiled natural beauty. Situated at the base of the Maluti Mountains, the Golden Gate itself is made up of two massive 250-foot-high reddish boulders.

The 10,000-hectare reserve abounds with bird life and plains game and with its hiking trails, mountain streams and waterfalls makes it a spectacular destination for both vacations and honeymooners in South Africa.

Mpumalanga – ‘the Escarpment’ The Lowveld Drakensberg Escarpment offers a 70km loop route from Graskop, through Pilgrims Rest, through the plantations of London and Blyde Nature Reserves to Pinnacle Nature Reserve.

Many waterfalls can be seen on this route, the most valuable being Gods Window which (in good weather) allows you to see the Lowveld 1000m below and gives you stunning views of the rocky escarpment. Pilgrims Rest, once a bustling mining town and now a museum of the past, is a must-see.

Coming from Lydenberg, you can visit the small town of Sabi via the Long Tom Pass, a gentle reminder of the hardships of yore.

This was the ‘hawepad’ harbor road used by traders between Lydenberg and Delagoa Bay. Seeing the splendid scenery, one can only marvel at the endurance of pulling a cart through this terrain. Closing your eyes, you can almost hear the echo of the battlefields and the cries of war, as memories of Lydenberg’s capture in 1900 in the Anglo-Boer War remain in the history of this area.

Botanic gardens, nature reserves and splendid waterfalls are part of this scenic area, stop for a picnic and take in all its wonders and truly know that South Africans are blessed with a land that speaks and whispers of beauty and possibility. .

There are plenty of places, from private resorts to opulent luxury Game Lodges to choose from, too many to mention at this time, but consider them for the start of your life of discovery together.


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