The following nuggets of wisdom are worth taking a look at. Who knows, you might find something for sale here.


One sure way to reduce anxiety is to refuse to be carried away by the urgency of others.


Love is the choice

Any of us can do.


Love is the position to take.


There is something worse than the pain in the sacrifice required to achieve a new goal; it is to continue believing that you are on the right track without changing anything.


The less hope we are thankful for, the more our hope turns to gratitude.


The smaller the blessings you can count, the greater your gratitude.


Stressful times demand confidence amid the tyranny of overwhelming and anxious self-doubt.


Dreams are more likely to turn into eventual realities when we persist in our hopes.


Goodness comes adorned with many bright and creative colors of heartfelt otherness.


The omnipresent and omniscient God who accepts us as we currently are knows that we need Him so that His acceptance can help us accept ourselves so that we can accept others. This love brings peace, hope and joy.


Love is visibly positive, patiently kind, not threatening or threatening, it embodies faith and hope. Believe in the best and endure when tested.


Our biggest sins are that we fear humans too much and have too little respect for God.


Under attack?

The battle is real.

Do what God tells you.

It doesn’t matter how you feel.


On the cross, Jesus could not have been treated worse.

Because of the cross, we couldn’t have been treated better.


God’s love is too good to reject

and we are never too bad to receive it.


As the tempest swirls,

You are my support

Even as the gales plunder,

I am one of your flock

You keep me safe

As the sea rises,

Your force guides, even

As the tempest swirls


May faith replace fear, hope cast out despair, and love spread peace.


We can’t control the storm

But we can calm our inner panic


The sea hits the withered beach of life

Wave after shocking wave

In the midst of such torment, Jesus came to save

Just when hope seemed out of reach.

Still in the middle of such a cruel life

Some seasons beyond what we can bear

All that defeat does is that we care

Despite the twist of Satan’s knife.

The gospel is the power to profit

On the merit of your loss

We count everything else truly as scum

That way we don’t run our race in vain.


It is good to look within.

Better to look outside.

Better to look up.


If you feel uncomfortable, but it will be good for you, trust the way forward.


Don’t you follow Jesus very well? The Twelve had it with them and they still failed often. It is not about how well we follow it, but that we follow it willingly, because following it willingly is following it well.



does not matter how

empty your cup

always pray, and

never give up!

(Luke 18: 1)


God blows his love on us

When our lungs fill with air


When we look at God, we do not despise others.


Light up the world with your love

Carry the bond of his peace

Immerse yourself in the glory of His joy.


Loss brings grievance

the grievance generates pain,

pain generates crisis,

the crisis begets decisions,

the decision begins the commitment,

birth growth commitment.


We value the person in our presence as God’s creation.


Body of Christ: imagine that the colon does not want to be a colon. What a mess we would be! Praise God, we are ALL crucial parts of the Body.


Experience has taught me that all couples need help; Blessed are those who draw near.


Past truths faced

The guilt washed away

God’s compassion is felt

And it’s a new day.


Note to self: time spent complaining about lack of time is a waste of time.


You will never understand the need to heal until you are honest about how hurt you are.

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