Timeshare cancellation is the hottest topic of 2018 among timeshare owners. The 2018 timeshare cancellation is bigger news than “Lebron James” signing with the Angles Lakers for $ 154 million. Homeowners have spent more than 5 times that amount in 2017 to increase maintenance fees. They have finally reached their breaking point with timeshare ownership and the industry as a whole. Many families have outgrown timeshare or been forced to leave due to rising maintenance fees, which go up 5% to 12.5% ​​a year. Timeshare was a great program designed over 30 years ago to provide the average person with the availability of traveling to destinations in the United States and internationally.

Unfortunately, with the rise of the internet, travel has become inexpensive with the explosion of travel websites and discount affiliate travel programs or travel clubs. More and more timeshare owners are getting less and less use of the condos, not to mention the increasing age and the children are no longer children and have families of their own and cannot afford the cost of traveling for a week. Not to mention, Resorts have switched from weeks to point systems that have oversold properties at 4-5 times occupancy availability, creating restrictions and restrictions for those still trying to use their timeshare. For those lucky enough to get the dates they’d like to use, they come up with constant sales meetings, owner update meetings, 90-minute presentations, or the point update of their contract. This has brought the issue of timeshare cancellation to the forefront of 2018 more than any other year in history.


Many timeshare owners have tried to contact their resorts to offer the contract or sell the timeshare to the resort without any resolution. Resorts are in the business of selling contracts, not buying or getting them back. Most timeshare owners are informed by their home resorts that they are not returning them and that there is no way to cancel the contract. Which leaves most people stuck between a rock and a hard place and an even more difficult place, as maintenance fees continue to rise annually. Many timeshare owners calculate that they will simply sell their timeshare to recoup the expenses they put into the timeshare or in the hope of covering the expenses.

As many timeshare owners have found, there is no market for a timeshare as the market is full of timeshare owners with regretful buyers and timeshares are listed on eBay for as little as one dollar. Many timeshare owners have tried to rent their timeshares to recoup a portion of their annual maintenance fees to find that timeshare resorts rent vacant availability online or with third-party providers at one-third the cost of timeshare owners. they are willing to pay, except for a rent. So many timeshare owners have given up hope and simply stopped paying timeshare maintenance fees and suffered major financial blows to their credit scores behind their timeshares. Most people spend thousands of dollars on space banking or retain unused time with RCI or Interval International (II) in addition to the other fees that a timeshare owner endures.


The top 3 keywords searched on GOOGLE by timeshare owners in 2018 are “Timeshare Lawyers”, “Timeshare Lawyers” and “No Timeshare Lawyers”. TRY IT ON YOUR COMPUTER RIGHT NOW! If you want to see how this works, open a GOOGLE browser, type “NO TIME SHARE NO LAWYER” in the search bar and tell me what you see. Exactly, No Attorney Timeshare Share is search result no. 1! WOW !! Timeshare owners have been looking for reputable outlets to finally cancel their timeshare contracts once and for all. GOOGLE is the most trusted source when it comes to the internet. Timeshare attorneys have been the most sought after means of canceling a timeshare contract in 2018. The biggest problem is that most timeshare owners have lost thousands of dollars in listings, advertising and rent, not to mention the increase Of the maintenance fees to pay a lawyer $ 4,000.00 – $ 13,000.00 to cancel a timeshare contract is far from the truth.


Now with that said, “EVERY TIME SHARE AGREEMENT” has an escape clause built in regardless of the resort, developer or timeshare agreement. Of course, the timeshare complex will not give you this information as it would decrease your results and the line to get out of a timeshare would be at the end of the street and around the corner and new buyers would not buy a timeshare if they saw that the line to get out was longer than the line to get in … Example If you were in a restaurant and you saw a line of people who wanted a refund and complained that the service was terrible, how long would you wait in line to eat at that restaurant? It’s the same concept … this is why timeshare resorts give the timeshare owner who has invested in a contract under the belief that he owns real estate for the latter to find out that he only owns one contract to increasing maintenance fees. as well as special assessments when a storm damages the timeshare complex or timeshare chains.


Timeshare owners are rejecting timeshare resorts and making their voices heard loud and clear, as 2018 is the year when people are finally fed up with the timeshare industry as a whole. This article has gone viral during 2018 and has been shared on social media posts and platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, forwarded email, just to name a few, as people are demanding that their timeshare freedom be restored to them. . I hope that you, the timeshare owner, have appreciated this valuable information and I thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to read this article in its entirety and continue to share this article to help others like you to “Cancel your own timeshare contract “.

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