Americana Podcast

This fascinating podcast explores the surprising connections between America and Canada. Hosted by award-winning journalist Liz Beatty, the podcast offers a thrilling journey through time and explores the people and places that shaped the country. With an emphasis on the tragic and intriguing stories that shaped the nation, North Americana is a great gift for history lovers and travelers alike. In addition to sharing stories of people and places, the podcast also includes interviews with historians, political figures, and local residents.

The North americana podcast was created by Liz Ross, a former editor at National Geographic Travel and a graduate of the Transom Radio Documentary Workshop. Her award-winning program was a hit with listeners, winning top prizes from two different organizations. Along with award-winning American journalists, she has interviewed Broadway performers and other famous personalities to bring the story to life. The show is available on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

The creator of the podcast is Liz Ross, a regular contributor to National Geographic Travel, and she has written for a number of publications. She’s also an alumnus of the Transom Radio Documentary Workshop. In 2017, Liz Ross launched the Native Traveler podcast, which won two major awards for radio broadcasting. The podcast features a diverse array of guest interviews with award-winning American journalists and Broadway performers.

The North Americana Podcast

The podcast is presented by Liz Ross, a contributing writer at National Geographic Travel. She has also been a member of the Transom Radio Documentary Workshop. Upon graduating, she launched the podcast Native Traveler in 2017. The program was so well received that she received two of the top honors in radio broadcasting from two different organizations. Guests on the podcast included award-winning journalists and Broadway performers. The podcasts are an excellent way to learn more about the country’s fascinating past and present.

The podcast features interviews with the leading experts in the field of travel. The host, Liz Beatty, is an alumna of the Transom Radio Documentary Workshop. In 2017, Liz launched her podcast with award-winning American journalists and Broadway performers. The North Americana Podcast is a great way to learn about Canada’s diverse landscapes. It is the ideal companion to the show’s author and host, and it can be downloaded for free.

The North Americana podcast is a must-have for travelers who love travel. The six-part series focuses on the differences and similarities between the countries and the people they encounter in the United States. In addition to the unique stories of the two countries, the podcast is also an excellent source for information on travel in North America. The show is a perfect companion to anyone who loves traveling! This new travel documentary is a must-listen for all Americans.

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