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The Lovable Fort Myers Beach Florida – USA

Want to spend time in an authentic blue American seaside town? Then you should plan a visit to Florida’s Fort Myers Beach. The city is located in the southwestern section of the state, along the banks of the Caloosahatchee River. It is particularly found on a barrier island that stretches for seven miles!

Beach lovers will never tire of enjoying the stretches of soft sand that run for miles and miles. Here the beaches are not only long but also wide and with a very gradual slope. Some of the beach-oriented places to explore include Tarpon Bay Beach and Bowman’s Beach. Additionally, Fort Myers has a reputation for having a lively and friendly atmosphere, perfect for visiting families, honeymooners, and all types of tourists.

People exploring Fort Myers generally don’t need a car. You can easily get around on foot or by bike. The island has a number of trails that lead to important areas, including the very scenic coastline. Besides being the kind of place where you can sit and relax on the sand all day, For Myers is also the kind of place where you can participate in various kinds of water and outdoor sports. You will always see a game of beach volleyball, tennis and gold. Fishing and parasailing charters are also equally popular with beach lovers. If you’re interested in boating or kayaking, head to the Great Calusa Blueway, where 40 miles of kayaking and canoeing trails await to be conquered.

Fort Myers is also a very convenient place to do some excursions around the island. Just off its coast are the islands of Captiva and Sanibel, which are wonderful destinations for day trips. But if you want to go further, you will be happy to know that the city is surrounded by some 100 coastal and barrier islands.

Fort Myers also has several companies that offer dolphin watching cruises. This type of cruise will take you to the main bottlenose dolphin playground, and you will witness these adorable creatures in action. And since dolphins are very friendly and playful animals, chances are high that you will see them up close! Back on dry land, the main place for activities and leisure is the Fort Myers Pier at Lynn Hall Memorial Park. This hotspot stretches out into the ocean for an incredible 600 feet. Therefore, it is no wonder why several restaurants, shops and other establishments were built around the area to take advantage of the beautiful views of the ocean. Fort Myers is the perfect place to take a nice walk and watch people go about their day.

The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum is one of the must-see attractions in the Fort Myers area. Located on Sanibel Island and dedicated to the conservation of shells; The museum also features an impressive collection of not only the exquisite shells found in the region, but also those found throughout the world.

Due to its popularity, there are a large number of accommodations that can be found in Fort Myers, and the prices offered can match a wide range of budgets. Aside from hotels and resorts, beach vacation home rentals are quite popular for those who want to stay in Fort Myers for a considerable period of time.


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