Getting stuck with a timeshare you no longer want can often seem like more of a problem than it should be. Of course, timeshare resale companies can help advertise and sell your timeshare, but due to financial problems in Europe, it’s not always a quick process. Timeshare properties, like real estate, are a big financial commitment and locating the ideal buyer can take time.

However, it is the maintenance fees that are often the issue, if you no longer want or just walk out of your timeshare you still have to pay these fees. Having spoken to a lady last week, she had spent nearly a decade in her Anfi Tauro timeshare but now sadly can’t fly there and has to give them up. You are currently using a resale company to help with the sale, however in the meantime there are still those fees.

If you cannot give away your timeshare, or you are not satisfied with the exit solution given by the club, you can always post your timeshare for rent. As an idea, timeshare rental is really easy, you put up your week using a timeshare rental company and give a potential renter the opportunity to stay in your timeshare.

The benefits of doing this are worth it, especially when compared to the other option of neglecting your timeshare, but incurring costs. The total you get for the rent can be used to cover the cost of maintenance fees and the renter gets a week in a luxury apartment for much cheaper than the price of a package holiday. Timeshares, by their very nature, are larger and resorts are designed to cater to those who come looking for the higher standards and greater variety of facilities that they are known for.

In addition to a cheaper vacation, it also sets up a unique “try before you buy” scenario where those thinking of buying a timeshare get to see the furnishings, facilities, resort, etc. without signing the commitment and without having the opportunity to see it. There are no introductions, no pressure to buy timeshares if you weren’t looking, and the costs are covered.

There are different ways to host your timeshare rental, and with any deal in real estate or timeshares, you need to use your head when looking for companies. If you want to make sure that you are legally covered, then it is more beneficial to look for reputable timeshare resale companies. The most important thing to consider is affiliations and memberships with industry regulatory bodies, such as TATOC, RDO, or ARDA, depending on where in the world the business is located. Also, remember these important points, don’t get sucked in by companies that cold call, ask for big fees up front, and don’t have a visible presence on online search engines like Google.

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