Taoist Funeral Services

Did you know that there is a traditional Taoist funeral service? It differs from some types of funerals that involve Eastern religion because it is centered around the ancient teachings of the Tao. If you do not know much about this religion, then I would suggest going online and doing some research on the topic. The Taoist faith started over two thousand years ago. They are very different from other religions because most of them believe in heaven and the after life. They also believe in balancing the yin and yang or good and evil qualities of people.

The concept behind the taoist funeral services is very simple and easy to understand. Taoist Funeral traditions usually involve a series of ceremonies and religious beliefs which are in agreement with the teachings of the Tao. Each item used in the ceremony is designed to help honor and protect the dead person s soul and generally presented and laid in front of the alter with other ceremonial items arranged accordingly. Each person in attendance at the funeral services is usually wearing some type of symbolic jewelry or clothing.

One important part of the ceremony is the use of a sacred lamp. This is something that is specific to this religion and was developed many years ago. In fact, the very concept of a lamp is said to originate with the Tao himself who was the original practitioner of these rituals. The use of a lighted candle or lamp is considered to be quite essential for the entire ceremony and many taoist Funeral Packages will contain a number of candles or lamps which have been lit and burning during the service. In addition to this there will be other items such as rosary beads, crystal or glass balls, incense and tobacco smoke which have been inhaled by all mourners in the room. These rituals are undertaken in order to appease the spirits of the dead people and to bid them good-bye.

A Brief Overview

A taoist funeral package will also contain invitro materials such as a special invitation which is opened and presented to each family member. This invitation is custom printed and may include photographs of the deceased as well as their birthdate. You may find that there is a short poem written on the invitation along with some simple wording in Chinese. This is actually quite simple to do, all you have to do is find a nice plain paper to write your message in and then have it printed out on a nice printer paper. It should say something like “Flowers to the Clouds, welcome aboard the express” or something similar which hopefully will have the desired effect on all that view it.

Another important part of any taoist funeral package is the transportation of the body and/or its cremation ashes. Often times these rituals are done outside of the funeral home in a secluded area. However, if a local fire breaks out, the deceased may wish to be cremated right along with the rest of their loved ones. If this is the case, it is quite easy for the funeral home to arrange for a wood burning memorial pyre to be set up in the back grounds where everyone can gather to remember their loved one.

In closing, it is always best to consult a professional taoist funeral services funeral director when you need to plan an Asian-related service for a family member or friend. The staff at these establishments are more than happy to assist you in every way possible from choosing a fitting text to the actual transportation of the body and ash to the location of the memorial service. Additionally, they will make sure that the entire event goes off without a hitch and is not disrupted by inclement weather conditions. So whether or not you choose to use the services of an Asian-related funeral director it is important that you do so only after consulting someone who speaks the dialect.

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