Is reincarnation real?

For some, no proof is possible.

For others, a “knowledge” is all they need.

In 2005, my horse friend Echo extended part of his consciousness to the body of a kitten.

He told me beforehand that he would be a cat with me.

On the day the kitten was born, it was telepathically announced to the Siamese breeder, saying: “Echo. I’m coming.”

That same morning, I heard Echo tell me, “I’m blind.” “Kittens are born with their eyes closed,” I told him.

“I have toes,” he murmured with curious delight as he wiggled them.

Horses’ legs are actually just one toe, anatomically speaking.

Echo had told me a few weeks before this that the kitten would be Siamese, female, and would arrive at the same kennel where Violet, my other Siamese, had been born.

The breeder was able to easily identify the kitten that was Echo. Some friends picked it up for me when I was 9 weeks old.

For the past 5 years, I have reveled in Starlight.

I also discovered what I personally consider “evidence” for the Echo’s presence as Starlight.

Clearly, the body of a cat and that of a horse are different. Some of the similarities described here have been adapted for differences in size, structure, and species.

In each instance of, I observed the essence of the individual.

  1. Starlight arrived with a very tense lower back and some misalignment just above the sacrum. This coincided exactly with an injury Echo had in the last year of his life that we never fully resolved. Since then he has been treated with chiropractic and settled at Starlight.
  2. The rear of the Starlight is more typical of an equine than a feline build. My chiropractic vet pointed it out to me.
  3. Starlight instantly recognized a song she used to sing to Echo as she edited it. It was “You Are My Shining Star,” which is, Echo told me, where the name Starlight came from. I hadn’t made the connection to the song until Starlight was already with me. I played it one day on the computer while she was in my arms, and her eyes lit up with recognition.
  4. Echo loved to jump over cavaletti and logs and even thin branches stretched out on a trail. My TV tables have a bar between their legs that looks a lot like cavaletti, and Starlight, when she was a little kitten, would run and jump on them just for the fun of it.
  5. Starlight is very compassionate, sweet and full of joy, just like Echo. Like Echo, she is very gentle and loving, kind, and spiritually advanced.
  6. Starlight is a lot of fun, especially when she’s playing games. She is the only cat I have seen that, like a cartoon character, can start running in place before taking off. Echo also had a sense of humor and liked to tease me and other people.
  7. Starlight hates conflict and will walk away, rather than fight or defend herself. Echo was at the bottom of the equine pecking order and avoided conflict by leaving situations where they were in conflict. She would take care of another horse that was injured instead of trying to expel him from the herd.
  8. Echo had big, solid feet for a horse his size. The horse’s legs are actually a single toe. Starlight has unusually fat fingers. When it was a kitten, it was very difficult to find its little claws to cut. They are now easier to find, but his toes are still impressive for their size.
  9. Echo had big, soft and gentle brown eyes. Starlight has big, soft, blue eyes, with love pouring out of them.
  10. Echo used to move most of the year, which is unusual for horses, which generally only molt in spring and fall. Starlight also seems to change throughout the year, which is equally unusual for a cat.
  11. Starlight likes to groom me by licking my hair, like a cat grooming another. Echo used to move his muzzle on the back of my head and in my hair, like he was a horse.
  12. Echo was a gray horse, a horse born of a darker color that faded away. Starlight is a blue dot Siamese, and its predominant color is gray. This may be a coincidence, but since Starlight kept changing colors for many months before settling on this one, I think she chose it, and the breeder confirmed that some kitties do “choose” the color they want to be after trying different Siamese shades.
  13. When Echo told me he would come as Starlight, he said, “Now you can take me.” One of Starlight’s favorite games is getting into a carry-on bag so she can carry it upstairs from the basement.
  14. When Violet and Sakhara were alive, Starlight always let them eat first, even though she had her own plate of food. Echo was the same when it was fed with other horses, always occupying the last position in the hierarchical order. Starlight still does this with Melissa, who is 3 years younger than Starlight.
  15. Echo, and horses in general, prefer jumping to jumping. Starlight doesn’t mind jumping on things, but jumping is difficult for her if she’s more than 3-4 feet high, like in the refrigerator. And Starlight can barely conceive of jumping to heights that Melissa thinks are normal, like 5 feet or more, because she can’t imagine how she would go down.
  16. Echo was always very careful to put his feet only on solid ground, as horses do not like unsteady feet. Starlight is also careful with the foot. Unlike most cats who love soft cushions and pillows, she will not climb on anything that moves under her feet.

As you can see, there is a very long list of features that Starlight and Echo share. While this may not constitute “proof” for anyone, for me it is evidence that supports my original experience, that is, Echo told me that it came back to me as a Siamese cat.

Of course, I don’t need any external proof. I can FEEL that they are the same being. And that’s all I need, personally speaking.

My horse came back as a cat, and my inner “truth test” center confirms it.

After all, I’m telepathic with animals, and if you don’t believe it, well, that’s your choice. Our experiences and beliefs may differ.

I don’t want to prove anything here. I just want to share my experience.


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