This fabulous sex position is a women’s favorite if we’re ready to feel the weight of a man on us as we relax on a pile of pillows and enjoy slow rocking products.

Start with the pillows. You need a sweet, soft, beautiful bunch of them. The woman lies face down on the pile, placing her pillows under her hips and torso for maximum comfort. The man lies face down on top of her and penetrates her from behind. She is now the cream on the cookie! (If that’s a stretch for you, imagine the pillows as one cape, the man as another, and the woman as the creamy, delicious medium that could lick her all day. Got it now? I thought about it!)

This sex position is not optimal for her orgasm, but it is amazing if she has been working hard and is willing to let him push himself while she gets the royal treatment. You’ll get a fabulous view of her ass and the luxurious feeling of a dip in pure, creamy pleasure.

A great next step after a gentle ride on the creamer is for him to turn it over and lick it well. All those pillows can create a nice lift under her hips, and now she really Will be in a great position for orgasm!

EXTRA hot tip for smoking: It’s always fun to experiment with different positions for intercourse, but remember if you’re in the middle of one that works well and she’s on her way to liberation, don’t stop what you’re doing folks! Keep working and let him get his reward. She will thank you in a way that you won’t soon forget!

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