Saudi Aramco Supplier

Obtaining a Saudi Aramco supplier registration is a complex process, especially for foreigners. The company looks for candidates with at least five to ten years of relevant experience. The company also prefers those who have worked in a position related to the industry. It is recommended that foreigners who are not native speakers of Arabic, or who lack the language skills to communicate effectively with the company, seek help.

How to Become a Saudi Aramco Supplier

It is also important to note that being a registered vendor does not guarantee a qualified manufacturer or supplier. In addition, the company reserves the right to reject a vendor’s application. In some cases, the company may suspend trading with a supplier. If the supplier’s information is not up to date, the company will not be able to continue trading with the vendor.

The company also expects that suppliers will provide materials that are of the highest quality. This includes pipe and turbine quality, transformers, and valves. In addition, the company requires a professional quality assurance system. If a conflict arises between a supplier’s product and the company’s requirements, the supplier should bring it to the attention of the company. In the event that the conflict is not resolved, the company may request a proposal from the supplier. The company will then evaluate the proposal and make a decision.

Saudi Aramco Supplier Registration

The supplier must also report to the company on a number of factors including the Saudi payroll related costs, the supplier’s local development, the export revenue, and the training and development of Saudis. In addition, a supplier must demonstrate that it is in accordance with the Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Programme. This program is designed to encourage investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The programme aims to create a world-class supply chain in the country. It will continue to be of a great importance to companies operating in the Kingdom.

How Can my Company Participate in IKTVA

It is recommended that international suppliers consider restructuring their supply chains. This will often include setting up manufacturing/assembly facilities in Saudi. This can be a significant investment for these companies. But if the company is willing to make this commitment, it can add considerable weight to its application.

The supplier must also register with the company’s online supplier portal. This allows the company to manage the flow of products, finance, and analytics. The portal will also provide suppliers with an updated profile. This will allow them to submit proposals and update their information. In addition, the online portal contains a document called the Supplier Code of Conduct, which can be downloaded by registered suppliers.

What is IKTVA

In order to be accepted as a Saudi Aramco supplier, it is important that a company meets the standards of the In-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) program. This program is intended to support the National Transformation Programme and encourage local manufacturing. It is designed to increase the local supply of goods and services, as well as create job opportunities for Saudis. The program is based on a ratio, which is the percentage of the spend that is locally produced. It is the main factor for awarding contracts. The programme will also work with companies to develop a 5-year action plan. This will map out goals for the IKTVA programme.

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