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Promote your business through personalized photo calendars

We all know that at the end of each year we have free calendars for most of the establishments we are loyal to. They are usually poster or desktop types. There are also those that use bright materials and showcase their establishment using personalized photo calendars. Now, this idea is not bad at all. Whether you already have a business or are just starting out, handing out personalized photo calendars is a great way to promote your business.

Most large establishments use photo calendars to showcase their beautiful location and building façade. Just like hotels or resorts, they show off their best rooms and services they can offer. This builds interest for potential customers to dive into your offerings. Now, if you have a smaller office, I would advise you to take pictures of the little things that are pretty to attract customers. Let your photos show all the features of your company and all that your company could offer. For example, it can be a photo of your employees processing food. That way you can show your customers or potential customers how clean you are and how you process your product.

Once you’ve picked out great photos to put on your calendar, it’s time to figure out how to design your calendar. Now this is a promotional tool and part of your investments. It may or may not be expensive depending on your preference. There are many calendar makers that can give you options if you order in bulk, so do the math if your ROI will be good. If you want quality and guaranteed design from graphic artists, go to places like Minted and Mixbook. They have a wide range of options for the designs you want. All you have to do is provide the size and style of calendar you want and then submit your images.

But if you’re just a small business and want to cut that cost, just do the work yourself. You can also outsource someone else to do the design, and this can also be cheap. If you’re going to create it yourself, look into photo calendar templates instead. Because calendar design comes down to actual dates and the format you prefer. Or if you just want basic layouts, you can create them using Microsoft Excel or Word. With these, it will be easy to determine the print size and photos are easy to insert. So I advise you to print it yourself if you have a good quality printer. Or print it using photo labs. This is pretty cheap in terms of print quality. Also, you can decide how much you want to print first and then add more.

Before you print your photo calendars, don’t forget to include text that describes your business. Photos are great, but more information about your business is needed. If you have a poster or desk style, both of which are year-round calendars, put in a company motto or tagline. For monthly calendars, put interesting information about the photos or discounts for each month that you are going to offer. And never forget the contact number where your potential customers are.

Now that you have your personalized photo calendars ready, all you need to do is gift them to your loyal customers or potential customers.


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