It is considered an advantage that professional artists suffer from performance anxiety. It is considered that they will perform better with that anxiety.

But there is anxiety and anxiety. Some can be bearable, making you perform at your best. But some can be crippling, creating all sorts of problems.

For example, if you suffer from chronic performance anxiety, you may have a pounding heart, perhaps with a feeling that your heart is racing.

That’s not going to do your long-term health much good.

Other symptoms may include a distended abdomen with belching or flatulence. Diarrhea. Lack of sleep. Unable to concentrate. These are not going to be very helpful for your brilliant performance.

There is a wonderful homeopathic medicine that can ease your anxiety. It is called Argentum nitricum, Arg nit for short. When you choose to work with homeopathy, you need to be very much in touch with your feelings, your sensations, your uniqueness. So you need to see a match in medicine.

Symptoms that fall under its purview include:

  • anticipating anxiety
  • fear of heights and looking up at tall buildings
  • haste, so mistakes can be made, which increases anxiety
  • Fear to fly
  • impulsiveness
  • periodic weakness, making you more anxious
  • more anxious when alone, better in company
  • claustrophobic
  • worse from the heat
  • better outdoors

If any of these symptoms seem to fit with your performance anxiety symptoms, it is likely that Arg nit will not only help your anxiety before a performance, but also completely resolve the crippling anxiety. This can then prevent sequelae that follow, such as heart palpitation problems.

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