New ready-made company sale

Buying a new ready-made company is one of the fastest ways to start a business in Poland. This kind of company is already registered in the Polish Commercial Register and provides a VAT-UE number and is 100% guaranteed.

In addition, these companies are generally considered to be safe and clean, with no debts or assets. This is a perfect option for foreign investors who want to start their business in Poland. Moreover, this type of company can be used for purchasing real estate and applying for certain credits. Its history of business transactions will also help in demonstrating credibility to potential customers.

However, there are some drawbacks when it comes to buying a new ready made company Poland. The registration process can take a few weeks or months. The new company must also be registered in the Polish Trade Registry. In addition, the owner must make arrangements to take control of the company bank accounts. Depending on the requirements, the owner may need to modify the Articles of Association. This will also require a change of the company’s name.

New ready-made company sale in Poland

The cost of buying a new limited liability company varies from one buyer to another. The price is based on the features of the company, such as the share capital and the number of shareholders. The final price also includes the payment for the company itself and additional services, such as accounting and human resources services. However, the price can also differ depending on the type of company you choose.

If you are buying a new business in Poland, you should know that the law requires you to have a residence permit in the country. However, if you buy a ready-made company, you do not need a visa.

Another important thing to consider when buying a new company is the registered address. You must choose an address that is suitable for your business. This will also ensure that your company is legally registered and that it can receive taxation on its civil law transactions. There are a lot of formalities involved in registering a new company, and you must complete all of them as soon as possible. Besides, a new company must have a statistical number REGON, which is important for funding.

If you have a good idea for a new business, you must implement it as soon as possible. However, you cannot depend on sluggish officials and offices, and you do not want to delay the actual start date of your business. Buying a ready-made company is a great option, especially if you need a business to start right away. There are many companies that are already registered in Poland, and you can choose one that best suits your needs.

If you want to buy a new ready-made company in Poland, you should choose a provider that will provide you with all the necessary services, such as accounting and human resources services. Most providers also offer payroll services and tax services.

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