Menomonie, Wisconsin Overview

If you are looking for the perfect vacation spot in Wisconsin, one place tourists often overlook on their way to Wisconsin Dells and places north is Menomonie, Wisconsin. Menomonie is one of those cities that has it all. Great food, great people, and extensive activities to keep any tourist happy and busy.

If you haven’t been to Menomonie before (the Menomonie near St. Paul, MN), you’re in for a real treat. It is a small university town that rises above the beautiful, although sometimes green, Lake Menomonin.

The center is a vision taken from Norman Rockwell’s sketchbook. There is a large clock tower at the University (for which the city is known), a beautiful historic theater called the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts, and the city’s superbly done efforts to beautify the city with flowers. There is ample accommodation and the usual chain stores.

The Red Cedar State Trail

Probably one of the most cited reasons people come to Menomonie is to bike or cross country ski on the Red Cedar State Trail. Menomonie is the beginning of the trail. The Red Cedar Trail follows the length of the Red Cedar River and is built on the remains of the old train tracks that previously ran here.

The Red Cedar Trail winds along the river, where you can see many different forms of wildlife. Often deer will be standing on the trail as Rock Bass hops around for flies. There are also sections of the trail that cross fields where the large number of butterflies is amazing.

The Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts

The Mabel Tainter Memorial Theater is also a great reason to go to Menomonie. Especially if there is a show. The Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts (the name was changed recently), is one of the main historical theaters in the country. It was built by the eccentric architect Harvey Ellis in 1889 at the behest of Andrew Tainter, a local Lumber Baron.

The Mabel Tainter Theater is one of those places to see once in a lifetime. It was recently and now the exterior is much cleaner and the interior is handicap accessible. The real reason to see the building is inside. The theater, known as the Jewel Box Theater, is beyond words. The stained glass windows, fixtures, boxes, and gold velvet seats are amazing. The theater only seats about 400 people, so if you get tickets to a popular show, you’re in for a treat. Even if you don’t like to see shows or musicians, head to the theater for a self-guided tour. You can judge the theater for yourself. you will be happy you did.


Menomonie has so many different things to do that you won’t be disappointed by your choice to come and spend a little of your well-deserved Menomonie vacation.

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