When it comes to kitchen storage, it seems like we all have one thing in common – there’s never enough. No matter how large the kitchens are, it always seems like all the cupboards and cabinets are being broken at the seams with kitchen utensils, serving dishes, and of course, food. The key to feeling like you have a spacious kitchen or pantry storage space is organizing and working with the space you do have. By organizing your existing kitchen items, you will make room for any new items you may purchase and make current items easier to find.

Food storage containers are a good place to start when organizing your pantry storage space. Food storage containers come in a variety of sizes and can be used for a variety of foods. For example, when you open a bag of flour, no matter how hard you try, a little flour always escapes and there seems to be a permanent dust in the area where it is stored. By emptying a bag full of flour into a designated food storage container, the flour will be contained and your pantry will be more organized. Food storage containers also make it easier and more convenient to stack and store full containers.

Another storage organization option for your cabinets is double drop-down drawers. Double drop-down drawers turn dead space within your cabinet into usable space, essentially doubling your pantry storage. Drop-down drawers are also a convenient solution, as you can pull out the drawer to find the item you were looking for, and then slide it back into place.

Finally, turn the area under the pantry shelves into usable storage space with an under-shelf basket. Under-shelf baskets are easy to install and a cost-effective way to add more storage space to your pantry. These handy baskets come in a variety of sizes to fit any shelf and will make it easy to find those smaller items in your pantry.

Storage space in the kitchen and pantry is a problem for any tenant or homeowner. It always seems that we have more things than space, no matter how big or small our kitchens are. With the right storage tools and a little organization, you can maximize the pantry space that you have without selling half of your personal belongings.

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