This is Chapter 1, an installment in a New Series, called Standing on God’s Promises, a memoir and personal look at my life.

I have said it, I will also do it; I have proposed it, I will also do it. Isaiah 46:11

It was a sunny day in Coffs Harbour, a rural town in NSW Australia. There was a group of about 50 people around a plane that could accommodate about six people in addition to the pilot.

The men on the plane that day were all going to an evangelistic meeting in the inner cities of NSW and QLD, two of the Australian states. All the churches in all the towns they were going to visit during a two-week trip knew they were coming and had used flyers in their respective towns to announce that there was going to be a plane full of people coming. Come talk about the Christian faith.

I was 12 years old at the time. I had tried unsuccessfully to get my parents to let me go on a trip because I was sure I could talk to the children and convince them of the reality of Jesus Christ. And while I was there, I tugged on the sleeve of my pastor at the time, Don, and asked him if he could persuade my parents to let me go.

Don, my pastor said, “No, you can’t go on this trip today. But I have a feeling that in the future, if this is your wish, a church you attend at the time will take you to the airport and you’re off.” . we have a mission trip to share Jesus.

Like, sit back and write, I’m 42 years old and it’s been 30 years since that day my pastor Don said those words. Most of my life in those 20 years I have lived as a prodigal son that Jesus spoke of in the parables he shared when he was on earth.

My mother has told me that my pastor Don was Pentecostal and even though he pastored a Baptist church where the nine gifts of the Spirit were not recognized, most of the time when he predicted the future it would come true. Don said that one day my mother’s mother would become a Christian. This happened last year true to God’s words through Don.

Personal prophecy is the act of announcing the future and other things of God from the person with the gift to the person for whom the message is. It may be 30 years since Don said he would talk and travel, but time is nothing because, as our verse says, “I have said, I will also, I have meant, I will also.”

There was a lot of maturity that had to come into my life in character, for the word of the Lord to be fulfilled. At 42 my life has not passed. If the Lord wants me to speak, He will make it possible. I have been learning the fruit of patience for good measure and I have been learning to be humble when my life used to be full of pride. My life has been receiving a total fix from God. He can’t let me loose on the world until he has a wonderful message for them, and every year that I have to wait, I get better as a person as the Holy Spirit searches my heart and removes the impurities.

The promises of the Lord are true and one day I will be well known by the people of God and this chapter will be the first to be read in my memoirs. I hope my short messages in each chapter will inspire you.

Review the questions for yourself or a group to consider.

1. Where did you tell things as a child and they have not yet manifested themselves? If you have things that have not yet manifested in your life, do you have them written down?

2. Do you believe that the Lord can make a promise about the future through personal prophecy?

3. Do you have dreams that you are willing to wait for no matter how long it takes? Do you feel that waiting is helping you develop more fruit of the Spirit?

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