There is an interesting debate among some members of the Facebook community forum about the use of smileys smileys to express thoughts and emotions. One side argues that Facebook emoticons are just a set of punctuation marks and therefore cannot fully capture human feelings. They say that emoticons are not as good as words at expressing thoughts.

But the many fans of Facebook emoticons are quick to argue that these “punctuation marks” are useful, even a necessity, in Facebook chat. During a face-to-face conversation, people use body language and tone of voice to help them show, emphasize, and enhance their true thoughts and feelings. However, in online chat, the person you are talking to cannot see you. Since your body language and tone of voice are of no use, how do you display your thoughts and feelings, your attitude and mood? It seems like there is no better way than by using smileys emoticons. These little pictures can help you get your message across.

For example, a friend tells you that you are ugly. You can answer in three ways.

“I’m not ugly.”

“I’m not ugly.”

“I’m not ugly.”

Since the other person doesn’t see you, there’s no way they can tell if the answer is serious or a joke. However, adding an emoticon to the end of each message can help clear things up.

“I’m not ugly.>: O” – You’re angry because your friend called you ugly.
“I’m not ugly. :(” – You are sad or upset because your friend told you that you are ugly.
“I’m not ugly .;) – You’re taking the statement as a joke, no offense.

Now imagine that there are no Facebook emoticons and you need to type your facial expressions or tone of voice every time you make a comment.

“I am not ugly. The statement is said in an angry way.”
“I’m not ugly. I say it with sarcasm in my voice.”

As shown, smiley emoticons are essential in Facebook chat because they help convey the full meaning of your statement in a more efficient way.

Expressing your thoughts with Facebook emoticons

Today, there are 26 known Facebook emoticons. Here is the full list (with their meanings).

Devil emoticon 3 🙂 – This emoticon can suggest naughty thoughts.

Robot emoticon: |]- If you don’t feel like sharing your thoughts or when you’re in a reserved mood.

Shark Emoticon (^^^): Use if you want to warn someone of danger or threat.

Heart> 3 or kiss: – * – Add this to a statement if you want to show your love or affection to someone or towards an idea or thing.

Penguin <("): can add some cuteness to your message.

Woot emoticon Oo – if you find a strange statement or if you can’t believe what a person just told you.

Squint emoticon -_- – This is a warning that you are getting angry.

Panting emoticon: O – To show your amazement.

Wink emoticon;) – It can connote various things. An example of use is when you want to show that you understand a statement, you put a wink at the end of a message.

Tongue emoticon: Q: if you’re feeling a bit naughty or cheeky.

Sunglasses emoticon 8- | – If life is on the sunny side of things.

Glasses emoticon 8) – If you think a person or statement is geek or nerd.

Smiley emoticon 🙂 or big smile emoticon: D or smiley cat emoticon: 3 – To show that you feel happy or content or pleased.

Kiki Emoticon ^ _ ^ – If you are extremely happy.

Sad 🙁 or crying emoticon: ‘(- When you are sad or depressed.

Aiya emoticon>: O – This means you can’t believe what someone just said.

Putnam: putnam: – This represents Chris Putnam, the person who designed Facebook. You can use this emoticon if you think an idea or a person is smart.

Pacman: v- the iconic character from the game can be used if you feel like jumping for joy.

Emoticon Err: / or emoticon duhh> 🙁 – If you want to tell someone, in a cute way, that you disagree with that person.

Angel Emoticon O 🙂 – If you think someone is like an angel.

42 emoticon -: 42: – this is a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – 42 is “the answer to life, the universe and everything”.

Facebook Emoticons: Integral Unit of Chat Language

Anything that allows people to communicate efficiently and effectively is surely a good thing. In Facebook chat, the use of smiley emoticons adequately helps to generate a good conversation.

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