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Homecoming Moms Story Questions and Answers

There are some longstanding traditions that are unique to Texas football, let alone the fans. Take, for example, the high school mom. What is a homecoming mom? You may be thinking that homecoming queen simply goes by another name in the South, or that her mother also plays a part in the festivities. Homecoming Queen and Homecoming Mum… would make sense. However, a mom refers to a unique flower collage that is deeply rooted in Texas football history.

This homecoming mom tradition has been alive for many years. So many years, that many teens are unaware of the real details that are responsible for the beginning. However, the agreement surrounds the idea that Homecoming moms are a vital part of the football season, and young girls look forward to the day they receive their first Homecoming mom.


The first Homecoming Moms were given out in the early 1930s at high school homecoming football games throughout Texas. The children offered real chrysanthemum flowers to their dates in the form of a corsage. A chrysanthemum is a very large, rare and beautiful flower, and receiving one was a sure sign of adulation, as well as an unusual circumstance in those times. Even early on, girls competed with each other to receive mommies, as they were given in limited numbers. Moms were a sign of popularity, so girls who received moms confirmed their social status.

Styles and variety have evolved as silk flowers became available and concerns about flower wilting diminished. The strong silk mamas could withstand hot glue, heavy hardware and more, so adding ribbons, streamers, stickers and more became a way to personalize a mama for a special little girl. The desire to include special details: information about the student, the activities in which she participates, the colors of the school, etc. created a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that could be kept as a special high school keepsake. With this, moms got bigger and better all the time, and the desire to have a personalized homecoming mom became commonplace.

Understand the current trend:

Most Texans are familiar with this tradition. However, if you have recently moved to Texas, or have found yourself examining this tradition in a new light, you may be wondering if, or why, you (or your child) may be under pressure to reciprocate in this tradition. The following topics are intended to shed some light on current homecoming practices.

Who should give/receive a mom?

With today’s high school students, moms often go from a boy to a girl when attending homecoming games or dancing together (friends included), or if a boy just wants to impress a girl for whatever reason. Today, girls often reciprocate with a male version of the mom, called a “garter”, which is worn on the young man’s arm. He’s much smaller than mom back home. Know that if she plans on gifting a homecoming mom, she will most likely receive a garter in return.

Many high school students see mom as an imperative in their homecoming attire, and some students would rather stay home than attend the game than attend without her. Remember, cruel high school crowds may see “not having a mom” as an indicator of social status. So for this reason, moms and friends (whether boys or girls) often give moms back home too.

The girl can choose to receive a mother of whom she chooses, and can even accept several mothers. Homecoming queens are often photographed with multiple homecoming moms, as she is expected to receive five, six, or even seven depending on her social status. However, girls can also reject a mother in the same way that they can reject a date.

Elementary and middle school students, parents of football players, alumni and teachers can also wear mom dresses to show team spirit and enthusiasm for the festivities.

When do people use homecoming moms?

Students usually start wearing mom dresses on the Friday before the high school football game. Every school is different, but most students wear them only the day before the game. Students also often wear mom dresses during the football game AND after the homecoming dance. If you’re new to Texas, check with a friend about common practices in your community.

I want to impress my date. How should I do to buy a mom?

Current trends include ribbons (over 3 feet long) that skim the knee and often include loud noises such as whistles and cowbells to wear during the football game. More importantly, they include important information about the student receiving it. For example, a personalized mom (and one a girl would like) could include her name, school name, or graduation year. Additional details are likely to describe any “extra curricular” activities she and her date are involved in.

Essentially, this is a memory that provides a snapshot of exactly where these two people are during that week of their high school lives. If a couple attends as friends, the mom could include general information and be medium in size. Hearts and other romantic details should be avoided so that neither party gets the wrong impression of the event. On the other hand, it’s only fair to go all out with the above details and any other important details for a serious high school couple. Keep in mind that most girls save them afterward and keep them as a keepsake along with high school yearbooks. You’ll notice if your mother was “mass-produced” at a local grocery store or florist, as well as appreciate any custom details.

What else should I know?

A mom coming home can weigh up to 12 pounds or more! wow! Girls often take off their mommies in the middle of the school day because they are so heavy and tiring to wear!

The only really “downside” side of homecoming moms is that the traditional materials used can fall apart. Traditional gift ribbons and metallic stickers can take an adrenaline rush after being used in crowded aisles and game stands. Consider how long you (or your date) want the streamers to be for mom to be functional and comfortable. Any folded or wrinkled tape can take away from the look after the game is over, and years later your memory may not hold up.


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