When buying a home, having it inspected by a licensed general contractor can save time and money. An experience generator can detect problems while you sleep, saving you a hassle and a fortune in the long run. A general contractor is knowledgeable about all the essential trades for you to make a wise decision on which house to choose. Some common important things they look for are:

  • Water heater connection and safety straps
  • Foundation Integrity
  • Electric
  • drywall and paint
  • termites
  • WoodRot
  • windows
  • doors
  • winds
  • penthouse
  • isolation
  • exterior revestment
  • Brickwork
  • pool and spa
  • covers
  • Accessories’
  • flat
  • air conditioning
  • codes
  • Structural integrity {Frame}
  • railing

The list often ends up in a stack of pages over an inch thick. On a recent job, the window handle cranks alone cost $3400 to replace, as they turned out to be worn down by erosion due to the salty air near the sea. Are the toilets working properly? Does that addition have a permit?

Any regular home inspection person who lacks construction experience will miss half of the above list.

Even a good inspector can miss a flaw that later rears its ugly head, often costing the new owner thousands of dollars. Deck leaks can lead to health problems due to rot and mold buildup. Leaks can be very difficult to detect, but a good contractor would flood the deck with a hose to gauge its integrity. Would the less experienced Jr. Inspector find that flaw using that particular technique? That is why it is better to have a more qualified inspector carry out the inspection of it. Many experienced inspectors are also licensed general contractors. A licensed contractor usually has the experience of working on houses to more fully inspect them.

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