If you have been hit by a car while walking, this is called a pedestrian accident. Pedestrians have the right of way most of the time when walking, and cars must stop for them to cross the street or to give them room to walk. However, many times cars do not and pedestrians are injured or even killed. If you have been injured by a car while on foot or if a loved one has been killed by a car while walking, skateboarding, or traveling, you may have a case that deserves the attention of a top attorney.

First, let’s discuss how California defines a pedestrian. Our state calls anyone who is walking, riding a skateboard, scooter, roller blades, rollerblades, or any other type of non-motorized transportation except bicycles. Pedestrians are also defined as those with a disability who are in a wheelchair or power chair. California is one of the toughest states on pedestrian safety and the fines can be very severe. Of course, in return, a pedestrian who is injured by a car may end up with very large compensation in a lawsuit. Contact the best attorney you can find to help you with any recent accident.

Some of the pedestrian safety laws in California include requiring a vehicle to stop for waiting pedestrians, whether or not there is a clearly marked crosswalk at the intersection. Also, cars should stop when other cars are parked in a crosswalk to make sure there isn’t a pedestrian circling the car that your car is going to hit. California law states that vehicles must yield to pedestrians and exercise due care. This may be open to interpretation, but it’s clear that cars need to watch out for pedestrians on the road.

Of course, pedestrians must still respect drivers. For example, pedestrians cannot walk into a crosswalk or run when cars are too close to stop. Pedestrians must wait for their signal to walk if they are at a traffic light and cars must stop for pedestrians if it is their turn to cross. At an unmarked crosswalk, cars must still stop, but pedestrians must wait until traffic has cleared and they can cross safely. They also have a responsibility not to stop in the crosswalk and to block traffic for longer than necessary.

Even if the pedestrian follows these rules, there are still many instances where the driver simply does not respect the pedestrian’s right to cross and, in fact, there have been more than a few reported instances where drivers actually sped up on seeing pedestrians. a pedestrian crossing the street. , as if the person on foot had no right to be on the road. If a situation like this has occurred or if you have been in an accident with a car as a pedestrian or if a loved one was killed as a result, you should contact an accident attorney for those particular matters for a consultation.

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