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Different costumes and ice skates

There are several models of round toe skates in use, each of which has a considerable number of followers; but after all, there is hardly any difference between them. First, there is what is commonly called the Salchow model, made by Albert Stille of Stockholm and used by Salchow, Panin and other skaters. Another is the Schillstrom skate (Sask model), made in Gothenburg, Sweden, and used by Meyer, Thoren and many others, and lastly the skate made by TJ Deane, London. Barney and Berry, Springfield, Mass., Made the best model of these skates for American skaters.

The skater must adopt the suit that experience has taught him to be most useful for full use. For competitions and events, the Continental skater’s costume consists of a close-fitting coat or jacket, quite short, with the collar and often the cuffs adorned with Astrakhan fur. Skating tights are used for the leg, and sometimes, as in Vienna, at the bottom a kind of patent leather boot extends from the foot almost to the knee. Of course, almost any costume can be used for practice, as long as, for the briefs, they are quite tight to the knee.

Often times, skaters will test different skates to see if they can achieve different goals in different styles. Some will even try on different styles of clothing to see if that makes a difference. You see, the world of ice skating developed by men and women trying and trying different styles and seeing what results could be obtained.


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