Are you looking for a single and secure window to attend to the legal operations of your company? Lex Mantra is a smart corporate legal solution designed exclusively to streamline a company’s legal workflow with powerful reporting with ease. The case management software solution is ideal for facilitating management, employees and corporate councils and helps resolve the legal status of cases and the next plan of action. It also helps in the mechanization and restructuring of the calendar processes of events and deadlines related to legal matters.

Case management software offers complete legal case management and helps you get out of reporting needs. This very powerful and intelligently designed software is truly a boon to the contemporary law firm and other corporate organizations. This full-featured tool provides combined details of everything from preventive management, contact management, issue management to closure and results through easy inputs and reports.

If you’re confident about growing your business, it’s time to choose the right case management software. Users will find a wide variety of benefits from using such software and these include:
• Hassle-free management of deadlines
• Easy organization of client files
• Smart automation of time entries and billing
• Better coordination of communication
• Easy document retrieval
• Flexibility to work from anywhere

Case management software is suitable for all those corporate houses that need to manage their litigation. Improve the legal workflows of your business; achieve greater control and increase speed and efficiency.

Legal departments need legal affairs management software that helps the system record and act as a single source of information for a long time. Being a recognized name in providing legal management solutions, Lex Mantra has been providing such solutions to the legal department and industry segments including manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical, food and consumer goods industry. massive, hospitals and engineering products. The solutions demonstrate legal value to the corporation by reducing costs and protecting against certain risks. The software is easy to use and beneficial to keep a copy of the previous versions so that you can review the files later. You can even easily manage your documents by creating many folders. It also makes it easy for you to move and access your folders.

When it comes to case management software, Lex Mantra offers comprehensive litigation management software to help you from preventative management, contact case management to conclusion and outcomes through simple input and reporting. Issue Management is one of a comprehensive module that helps users identify early-stage issues. Reporting is done by generating the status of Pending Notices, Closing Notices, Not Responding Yet, and more.

A legal affairs management solution solves most of the challenges faced by many industries. The solutions establish a single source of truth and provide a centralized location so users can access only the best data to identify trends and proactively mitigate risk. With easy-to-use features, issue management software saves time and resources and keeps your customers happy.

Large corporations focus on a wide variety of issues ranging from contracts and compliance to litigation. In addition to these, they handle countless administrative functions. To manage all of these top concerns, corporate legal departments need the right litigation management software. Cleverly designed, such software helps corporate legal departments handle their daily tasks and responsibilities with ease. These powerful tools are easy to use and don’t even need any technical knowledge. Helps the corporate board and other departments increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Instead of having many office management solutions, case management software provides all the features that are ideal for managing your corporate legal department with ease. So manage all of your corporate legal departments needs at a reasonable cost.

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