If you want to listen to your Angels better, here is a process to clear your ear chakras.

You have many different chakras and if any of them are clogged, you will have trouble receiving what you want.

Even if you don’t know exactly what a chakra is, you can still visualize what we are doing and benefit from it. That is how.

* Take it easy. Take 3 deep breaths.

* Visualize that you have ear chakras. Imagine two red-violet discs just inside your physical ears. They are resting at an angle of thirty degrees upward, pointing inward.

* Continue to breathe deeply and visualize the bright white light cleansing the inside of your ear chakras, one at a time or simultaneously.

* As the white light rubs the chakras from within, mentally ask your angels to surround your head. As they do this, be willing to allow the Angels to remove all painful memories lodged in the chakras of your ears. Open yourself to the healing power of the Angels as they carry away old feelings, thoughts and memories that prevent you from hearing the voice of God.

* Ask the angels to take away any fears you may have about hearing divine guidance. Are you afraid of being surprised by a voice, of being controlled by God, or are you afraid of not deserving of God’s time or attention? Ask the Angels to remove all those fears.

* Take another deep breath, see or feel the Angels shine in your chakras with love, like a beautiful bright light. Know that you have been touched by an angel. Feel the healing take place. Thanks to your angels for all their help.

Now, you are open to hearing the voice of God through the Angels.

Thank you for reading.

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