How long have you been in this condition? The sick man near the pool of Bethesda spent 38 years in his own condition and had enough reasons not to expect healing and they were all done. He was very ill and could not get up. He couldn’t help himself and he had no body to help him. He was in the midst of other helpless and desperate people: the sick, the blind, the paralyzed, the lame, etc. OMG! Group of invalids! A congregation of desperate, terminally ill and their depressed and exhausted relatives. Imagine what that kind of gathering would be like: the moans, the sighs, the screams, the prayers, the desperate stares, the stench, the anxieties, and the struggles to jump into the water first for healing. The angel of the LORD only visited once in a while and only the first sick people who had people to help them enter the pool would receive healing. And after that, the long wait continues until the angel visits again. And due to these events and the long years in this condition, the man had completely lost hope of ever recovering. He was practically expecting to die. Certain. And right away he presented these facts to Jesus. But what happened? Jesus ignored them and healed him. Yes, the medical data of your condition is there: the proof, the tests, the opinions of the experts. Yes, they are incontrovertible. But the Master is canceling then today!

God nullifies facts and conditions. Cancel the worst situations and the best opinions. And that is why it is sovereign. Now listen to him today: “I am the God of all flesh. Is there something too difficult for me to do?” Not! He is the creator of the heavens and the earth. He is the creator and controller of life and death. Nobody, nothing dies or lives without your knowledge and approval. We are told that not even one bird out of billions can fall from the sky without its knowledge. He is the beginning and the end. He is the maker of all the things you see and all the things you cannot see. Everything, every power, every condition, every situation, every spirit and flesh bows before him. He is the Almighty, the Alpha and the Omega; nothing exists or happened without it. He is the great healer and for him nothing is impossible. He is the great physician. Even the best doctors always agree that they treat, but it is only God who heals. You can ask them. Praise the Lord! So why do you still think there is nothing you can do about your illness? Why do you think you will not heal now while reading this message? Tell me. The same Jesus who cured the 38-year-old disease will find you today!

Even if his condition is worse than that of that man, it cannot coincide with the case of Lazaro, who had already been buried for four days and was expected to begin to decompose. Sometimes after death, miracles can still happen. But once someone is buried, it is over. But Jesus challenged this natural and eternal order by calling Lazarus from the grave! As you read this, all power in the tomb around you will be broken in the mighty name of Jesus! I like the encounter that Lazaro’s sister, Martha, and Jesus had at his tomb. Listen: “Let’s put the stone aside,” Jesus told them. But Marta, the dead man’s sister, said: “Lord, by now the smell will be terrible because he has been dead for four days.” Jesus replied, ‘Didn’t I tell you that you will see the glory of God if you believe?’ John 11:39. Is your situation already buried and smelling? Remove that stone from the unbelievers and receive your miracle today. Yes, it was a fact that it has been buried for days, all hope lost, the body was expected to rot by now, etc. But Jesus still ordered the stone to be removed because Lazarus had to go out. Every stone that holds back your healing and miracle must be removed today in the name of Jesus! He made man, the grave, life and death, the stones, so that he can afford to manipulate and maneuver them at will. God doesn’t care how long, how smelly, smelly, or impossible your situation seems. The most important thing now is that he wants to give you a testimony so that his name may be glorified. In fact, the more smelly the condition, the more glorious the testimony becomes. You have waited until now for your story and testimony to be complete for your glory.

He was there when Lazarus fell ill. He stopped when they expected him to come see him. But it only showed up after the man was buried and he already stunk. Why? He wanted the world to see another dimension of his power and sovereignty. They had seen him raise the dead before, but without calling the decomposing dead from the grave. I know what is going through your mind now. I’m feeling it. You wonder why God allowed you to get into that condition in the first place. Why did he let you stay so long and waste all those resources and efforts? Why did he allow all that humiliation and pain? Why did you allow your enemies to mock you for so long? Why did he allow this to happen with all the good things you’ve been doing for him and humanity? Yes, they are legitimate questions. But he says it is for the glory of God to be manifested. It is turning you into a global witness. The end of your situation will make the world see and know the power of God. Your testimony will shake the church and the world. Lazarus was a friend of Jesus and the family loved the Lord so much, but he allowed that condition to reach that desperate and irreversible point. OMG! I am sure that today your condition is ending with a testimony. The nations will hear your story. What he did then he is also doing now. Get up now and remove that stone. Receive your healing and miracle in the mighty name of Jesus! Until next week.

Gabriel is the author of the books / audiobooks: Power of Midnight Prayer, Receive Your Healing, Breaking Generational Curses: Claiming Your Freedom, Never Again !, I Shall Not Die, Move Forward and many others / s? k = Gabriel + Agbo & I = audible & ref = dp_byline_sr_audible_1

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