Nokia has introduced some of the most fantastic phones in the world of mobile communication to date. Nokia N96 is one of those amazing examples among the advanced phones from Nokia and it is the successor to the most popular Nokia N95. To make mobile communication an affordable affair, you can buy the Nokia N96 PAYG.

Nokia N96 is a mobile phone that comes with a dual aperture design. One of the most significant and amazing features of this phone is its amazing 5.0 megapixel camera. The camera also comes with Carl Zeiss Optics, autofocus and flash functions. In addition to this, the phone also has a secondary camera that can be used for 3G video calls.

For better storage, the Nokia N96 comes with 16 Gigabytes of internal memory, 128 Megabytes of RAM and 256 Megabytes of storage space. The user can also expand the memory up to 8 GB. For music lovers, the phone comes integrated with a built-in stereo FM radio and a high-end media player that supports almost all types of entertainment file formats.

The 2.8-inch wide screen of the Nokia N96 is enabled with the touch sensitive function. The phone runs on Symbian operating system and supports high-end web browser. Buy the Nokia N96 PAYG mobile phone to enjoy all these innovative features. The PAYG deal will allow you to stay safe from high mobile phone bills. To request it, it is not necessary to sign any type of contract with the service provider.

The PAYG mobile phone offer is a prepaid offer under which the user has to pay the service provider in advance for the credited talk time on the phone. Once the credited amount is over, the user can top up the phone balance again with any amount. So for easy and affordable mobile communication, buy the Nokia N96 PAYG today.

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