Spanning cultures and traditions, absorbing art from the interiors of India, Asia, the South Pacific, the British colonial design style takes elements from the international continents that were once part of the British Empire.

Create a dramatic impression with neutral tones and dark teak wood furniture with an interplay of local motifs such as paisley, lotuses, elephants and peacocks, combined with traditional British furniture. These interiors have soft and subtle textures, ivory and linen whites, with elegantly carved dark wood. almirahs and chests of hope, creating a comfortable sophistication in light and airy spaces but with a touch of British formality. Choose from old hope trunks, worn cabinets, folk style painted tribal jharokhas, and dark rosewood Calcutta cabinets.

Light and eclectic handloom-printed fabrics, authentic fabrics with floral paisleys, colorful ikats and cheerful animal prints on cotton blankets, thrown on the Maharaja bed or used as a blanket at night, carelessly placed on the plantation chair, the atmosphere becomes romanticize the monsoon setting of the tea plantations.

Mix and match patchwork saree pillows for an eclectic, world-traveled look and pashmina jamavar blankets with a Persian influence. Hang mandla print cotton tapestries or banjara rugs erratically, simplify with cotton sheers and sheers. Classic rope beds or loungers, Indian diwans with ivory cushions make it relatively easy to achieve the British colonial look.

Look for natural cottons and silks, handloom textured fabrics with traditional Indian prints in Indigo and Jaipur blues are a favorite. Rattan chairs and a colorful painted lampshade with Indian reds and greens, floral motifs, and beautiful hand-carved patterns are a fun and engaging way to add the wow factor.

Light and airy subtle hues inspired by the tropics, neutral tones are used on the walls of a traditional British colonial interior. These airy hues helped negate the overwhelming tropical heat, just as the watery blue patinas on the doors bring the calming energies of the ocean.

Pale washed greens, distressed blues, creamy tans, cream ocher, and ivory whites contrast beautifully with darker furniture and teak woods. Deeply carved headboards and rustic wood almirahs make the interiors globally sophisticated.

Eclectic accessories like distressed chapatti trays, brass elephants, and bone-inlaid trays add traveler charm as well as being practically useful. Lush palm trees and beautiful broadleaf plants complete the peaceful look of nature.

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