Opal is the most vibrant of all semi-precious stones. The iridescent colors of the opal stone change with the change in viewing angle. This is known as opalescence. This is also considered one of the most spiritual and mystical stones. It can bring some major changes in your life by changing your outlook towards life. The value of opal is determined by the distribution of colors.

Considering the astrological aspect, this semi-precious stone is used to strengthen Venus. Venus represents sex, love, marriage, romance, emotions, fine arts, cinema, and artistic skills.

People whose birthstone is opal are very gentle and calm personalities. This semi-precious stone will make you more spontaneous and quick in communication. Fire opal can awaken your inner passion and truly protects you from impending danger.

A flawless stone that has a brilliant shine is used in jewelry making. Dark colored stones are more expensive than lighter colored stones. Black opal is the rarest and most expensive of all.

Opal Stone Benefits
Opal adds charm to your personality and will improve problems in your love life.

Adds positive energy in the wearer.

Opal changes its color with the situation. In case of serious illness or accident, the color changes to sickly yellow. Through this you can also see minor illnesses as the color changes to dull and gray.

Black opal is good for the reproductive organs, pancreas, spleen, bone marrow, and depression.

White Opal is beneficial in balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This thus provides neurostability.

Blue opal is for calm and serenity. By wearing this, you can relate to nature for calm. It also helps you move forward and helps you disconnect from the past.

Green opal is used to cleanse the aura. It really rejuvenates you both personally and emotionally. It makes your life make sense.

The pink colored stone cures headache and makes you a down to earth personality.

Peruvian Opal is rare and is used for stress relief and relaxation. Ideas and thoughts can flow freely with this semi-precious stone.

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