Getting a product on QVC (or getting a product on HSN or other home shopping networks) is a goal for many companies and / or inventors. In fact, for many companies or products, it is one of the most important steps they can take.

But why is this so? Especially in this age of media and websites, where something like television is seemingly on the wane. Why is being in the home shopping channels such a primary objective?

The answers are many, and I will review some of the great benefits of bringing your product to television.

The first benefit, obviously, is the massive exposure. QVC, HSN and other home shopping networks include some of the largest television networks on the planet and have an enthusiastic and enthusiastic audience. While much of commercial television has seen a sharp decline over the past decade, home shopping networks remain relevant and strong. Your audiences have favorite hosts, favorite product types, and are regular viewers. And most importantly, they have money to spend.

The second benefit is a large influx of sales. This huge audience that dominate the home shopping networks is a shopping audience. Hundreds or (even thousands) of sales per segment are quite common. In fact, there is no sales tool as effective as a slot in a home shopping channel (also, don’t forget that all home shopping networks also have massive websites and do online marketing pretty well – I just to get a “Check out these deals” by email from QVC as I write this).

Another side benefit of all this exposure is being seen by specific and important people, like chain shoppers. Don’t think for a minute that retail chain shoppers aren’t viewing home shopping channels. They are watching, and this often gives them information not only on new products, but also on what kinds of products the public responds best. Bringing your product to a retail chain can be difficult, but if you are at QVC (et al) first, it becomes a lot easier.

So we have exposure and sales, the two most important aspects for most companies. What else is there? How about an opportunity to hone your own sales skills and presentation? When YOU are in front of the camera, you are selling (with the help of the host, of course). But this really allows you to show your sales skills and your enthusiasm for your product. I realize that not everyone will accept this part, but for a certain type of entrepreneur, this type of sale can be invaluable.

To conclude, the simple premise is this: getting a product on television can be very rewarding, in more ways than one.

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