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Baby shower ideas for twins!

It’s a double shower!

You are pregnant! Congratulations! Now is the time to head to your doctor’s office and see your baby for the first time. Nothing is as exciting as that first ultrasound. But guess that? A surprise awaits you. Turns out, the bouncing bundle of joy you’re so eager to meet actually has a partner. You are going to have twins! It’s too early to count the genres yet, but the excitement you feel is contagious as you break the news to your family that not only will there be one addition to the family, but there will in fact be two!

Planning a baby shower is always an adventure, but when you’re planning for two, there are a few additional things to keep in mind.

A theme? Or two?

Baby showers for single boys usually have a single theme, whether it’s animals, Disney, or Dr. Seuss. But when you have two, why not duplicate the theme? After all, there are two little beans to think about. The most used is the “Two peas in a pod” idea, because those two little sweet peas will snuggle so close to Mommy’s stomach. But if you’re a fan of children’s literature, how about “Thing 1 and Thing 2,” the adorable characters from Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat? Another nice idea could be “The perfect couple”. To get mad. Make the topic yours. The key is to emphasize that this is a double party, whether you know the genders of your babies. If you don’t know the genres and plan not to find out, make sure to keep the topic neutral. As a general rule of thumb, the color scheme will give guests a good idea of ​​whether their babies will be boys or girls.

The table sets the mood

The biggest expenses incurred when having a baby are expensive items such as car seats, clothing, cribs, formula (if the mother is not planning to breastfeed), and diapers. Having two immediately doubles the expense. A great way to help a mom-to-be of twins is to create attractive yet functional centerpieces for the party. Have you ever seen a diaper cake? It may sound strange, but if you find the right way to do it, not only can a diaper cake be an incredibly interesting and attractive centerpiece, but it will also serve as a conversation starter and, most importantly, help the new family cut back. one of the biggest baby expenses!

Other great table decor ideas include things like small bottles of baby shampoos and soaps, baby lotions, diaper cream, or baby powder. These may not sound glamorous, but they can be scattered among ribbons and other festive styles to create a beautiful yet functional display.

If you know the expectant mom doesn’t intend to breastfeed, get as many bottles of formula as possible and form a vertical pyramid, reminiscent of champagne fountains at more formal events.

Everything is in the decoration

Remember, whether it is a boy or a girl (or a surprise) the theme is multiple. Make sure the decorations match that theme. Keep the chosen color scheme, but when decorating with balloons, for example, always put two together; two balloons tied to each chair, two streamers at the entrance, maybe even a double party hat on each plate. Yes, be silly and creative. Most showers include some kind of fun games, let the games double as well. Regardless of the games or prizes you choose, make sure they match the theme in both color and number. If you can make the decorations serve as the baby-related needs that the expectant mom might have, even better. Don’t forget that she will get stuck with all the decorations after the party is over. Decorate with baby blankets, rattles, and cute twin-themed clothes. You say it. Whatever Mom might need, see if you can take it to the decor.

Want to create a shower that people continue to talk about even after Baby 1 and Baby 2 have run out of diapers and are in preschool? Take some of these ideas and execute them. Make it a family event and the memory of that moment will last a lifetime.


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