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American History Homeschool Craft Ideas

American History Homeschool

Many homeschoolers love to teach American History with lapbooks, unit studies and craft projects. These hands-on activities are great for children who are visual learners or even those kids who just need a break from reading and worksheets. These history crafts and activities will spark their creativity and help them absorb the facts they are learning!

Using art as a way to learn about history has always been a favorite of mine. It allows me to introduce subjects in a more interesting way that isn’t boring for my kids and helps them to make the connections between the events they are studying. This is especially true for American History. There is so much history to study and it can seem dry and boring if you don’t add in fun hands-on activities.

You can find a variety of American History craft ideas online. You can also get creative and make your own lapbooks and unit studies. These free printables are perfect for kids who need a break from their reading books and worksheets. You can make your own history notebooks, timelines and newspaper and take field trips to visit important American Historical sites.

There are also a few good history curricula out there to choose from. Memoria Press offers American History guides for first grade through high school. They use a literature approach and allow you to go down bunny trails that interest your kids. Notgrass history is another popular choice and is unabashedly Christian. You can read more about them here: Notgrass History

Khan Academy is another great option for homeschoolers who want to supplement their american history for homeschoolers lessons. They have videos, games and practice questions to help kids learn about history. Homeschool Buyers has a review of Khan Academy here: Khan Academy Review

American History Homeschool Craft Ideas

For younger kids, Dover has been a long-time favorite for American History coloring books and books with activities. These books can be used to supplement any history curriculum or as a stand-alone activity. You can also use the Dover website to find free online American History coloring pages and printables.

Older students who prefer to work on their own can benefit from online educational video games and websites. These are great for kids who learn better by listening and can be used as a replacement for reading aloud or doing textbook lessons. They can also be a way to test your student’s knowledge before a quiz or exam.

There are also several great American History resources for kids from Pre-K through 6th grade to supplement any homeschool curriculum. These include books and games that are fun for kids to play and interactive websites and videos that can be watched in the classroom or at home.

Adding in field trips is also a great way to make learning about history more interesting for your child. There are museums all over the country that offer a variety of interactive and educational experiences. Some are dedicated to a particular period in time or a famous person. You can also go to historic homes or monuments where you can get a feel for what it was like to live in the past.


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