This is the fifth studio album by late 80s-90s Australian guy Jason Donovan. I grew up with a lot of his stuff in the ’80s, which was more or less my first foray into’ Pop ‘, at a time when I was knee deep in Rock and Metal. So I was really looking forward to this album as the 80s was the year I became a music collector. I always appreciate your rendition of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s track “Any Dream Will Do” by … Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Boringly titled ‘Soundtracks Of the 80’s’, this album was a total disappointment.

I don’t mean to start the review of this album negative, but honestly with high expectations, which are already simmering on the way to picking up the album; it was a disappointment. Although the selection of songs was amazing and many of them among my favorites, ironically that was probably what put me off. In the words of Simon Cowells (and without disrespecting you and your talent, Mr. Donovan), “it was very karaoke.”

There were no changes in layout or feel on any of the tracks. It was just that now Jason Donovan was singing them. Although some of them got along well, but in many others it was not only not compared to the original, but it was a rather reduced version.

The song list featured some great songs from the ’80s. It took me deep into memories. I think even though I loved the choice of songs, these weren’t just great songs, they were hymns. That means you can’t make another one of them. They are meant to remain original and by the original.

On ‘Soundtracks Of The 80’s’ Jason tries classics like Mr. Misters’ Broken Wings’, Tears For Fears,’ Everybody Wants to Rule The World ‘,’ Right Here Waiting ‘by Richard Marx or the epic track by Mike & The Mechanics’ Living Years’. Then there’s The Cars classic ‘Drive’ as well as Howard Jones’ ‘What Is Love’. These songs not only pretty much defined the ’80s, they largely even defined the artists. I was pleasantly impressed with his selection of Danny Wilson’s well-known song “Mary’s Prayer”. I love that song. The album also includes covers by Cutting Crew, Terence Trent D’Arby, Yazoo, Climie Fisher, and Mike Oldfield.

He also released two new songs, “Talk You Down” and “Goodnight Baby,” both of which were good.

Altogether, it just didn’t work out. His previous album was also a cover album called ‘Let It Be’ with covers of classics from the 50s and 60s. Same problem there. Too much karaoke! While walking the same path as artists like Rod Stewart and Phil Collins (recently), I think he’s talented enough to pull off some new things. Hope the next one isn’t a 90s cover album ????

However, he still does not give up on him.

My star rating: I have to break it down here …..
***** (Five) stars for selection of songs with variety
*** (Three) stars for delivery (managed to get some of them out).
* (One) for originality
** (Two) in general

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